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Christmas Advent Calendars (from last year)

     More advent calendars? you’re thinking, how many does this girl need? 

     You’d be right to think that if I had yet more advent calendars to show you but these are the ones I made last year which you’ll have seen already if you’ve been following my blog that long. I just loved these advent calendars so much that I figured I’d show them off again!

     So last year, I fell in love with the wooden advent calendars that my local craft store started stocking. They came in a variety of shapes and cost about €25 each, a good price considering how fun they are to decorate and that they’re pieces you’ll have for years.

Photo - Advent Bus (1)

     This bus one was the first one I decorated and it ended up as a gift to my parents friends for their two kids. I just went with a really eclectic decor for it. There was at least three different themed paper packs, several tag sets and so many other things! Nothing matches but I still like it.

Photo - Advent Bus (2)

Photo - Advent Calendar (1)     The second advent calendar I decorated last year was one I was giving to my parents so I went with a bit more of a classy black, white, gold, silver and red theme with it. Having a theme definitely helped speed up the decorating process as this one went a lot quicker.

     I like that the boxes of these advent calendars are a good size. It was a bit tricky to find things that fit in at first but you can get 2-3 tealights in a box so if you don’t want to do a traditional chocolate filled calendar, you’ve got plenty of room to play with.

Photo - Christmas Advent Tree Calendar (2)     The final advent calendar I decorated last year was a tree shaped one for my sister and her partner. I love my parent’s one but I think the tree one is my favourite as I adore the green and brown tones.

     I really wanted to get more of these wooden advent calendars this year because the craft store had even more shapes (like a castle, and a town house!), but I stopped myself because I had no reason to get them and couldn’t afford to just spend all my money on advent calendars that would be going unused. Maybe if they go on sale after the holidays I’ll pick up one or two and make the decision that next year everyone will get advent calendars for presents!


8 thoughts on “Christmas Advent Calendars (from last year)

    1. Thanks! Advent calendars are one of my favourite things at Christmas time (even though I don’t actually have an advent calendar because I’ve been busy making them for everyone else xD). Getting ones you can fill yourself is nice because you can put lots of different things in them and really tailor them to the persons needs – although I think non-chocolate ones are becoming more popular these days. I’ve seen some making advent calendars around and the other day I saw a Yankee Candle advent calendar!

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    2. A friend of mine bought herself a Bare Minerals makeup one for £70!! I’d love that, but a bit expensive for a selfie present. A Yankee Candles one sounds great, I love their stuff.

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