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Planning with Geo #27 – Weekly Spread

     Hey everyone, how’s it going? Breaking up the Christmas theme of posts a little to return to my regularly planned planner posts for today.


photo-planner-pages-4     Seeing as it’s been pretty chilly this past week and it’s definitely winter now, bringing some blues into my planner seemed like a good idea and I love the blue shades with the pale pink in this sticker set.

     The sticker kits I get always feature stickers that say ‘special day’. I don’t have many reasons to use those stickers usually so it was nice to get a chance last week for my trip to Belfast!

photo-planner-pages-3     I had intended for last week to be a really productive week but to spite me, my body decided to get sick with a cough and a cold at the same time, sucking the energy out of me! Luckily, I wasn’t too bad when I was up in Belfast but by Wednesday I definitely hit my worst and I’m only just getting over it so a lot of what was planned for last week has had to transferred to this week and nowhere near as many things got ticked off as I’d liked there to have been!

     Oh well, you can’t plan everything and at least The Late Late Toy Show, the herald of Christmas time, was on on Friday to cheer me up!


     Also, my planned lazy day didn’t exactly work out as it involved putting up Christmas decorations and that is no easy task!


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