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Christmas Card Making 2016 – I

      Christmas cards, who likes seeing Christmas cards? I hope everyone answered yes to that because I have a lot of Christmas cards to show you, 14 or 15 to name a number…for this post…with about four more posts to come after this over the next few weeks…did I mention that I made an awful lot of Christmas cards this year and no two are the same? Well, I did – my mom has a really long list and I did tell her I’d make her cards this year so I’ve actually been making Christmas cards since the start of September.

     But enough rambling, like I said – I have a lot of cards to get through!

     First up, some simple Christmas tree cards:

     For these cards, I simply cut some triangles out of green paper, inked the edges with some black ink (so the white edges of the paper wouldn’t show), stuck them down on the card base and then stuck a small, silver gem on top for the star. In the case of the first card, I added a small die-cut tag and a button and for the second card, I cut a length of ribbon that said ‘Christmas Wishes’ rather than stamp a sentiment. They’re really simple cards but I think they’re effective.

     Oh yes, sorry for the bad quality of the photos. They were in packaging to keep them clean but I had so many cards to photograph in a short time (because the lighting changes so quickly these days!), that I didn’t bother taking the cards out for the pictures.

     Onto some more Christmas trees though:

     Some button trees! I saw this idea on Pinterest somewhere and it looked really cute so I figured I’d try it out seeing as I was making so many cards. Again, really easy and quick to put together – a glue dot for each button and the bows for the tops of the trees.

     Haven’t had enough of Christmas trees yet?

     Okay, so I got a Christmas themed paper pack and it had one sheet of this lovely blue paper with stars – it’s been my favourite paper to use. As you can see, it works really well for a starry night sky backdrop.

     I saw some cards (again, probably while browsing Pinterest), that involved making a Christmas tree shape by folding half a doily so of course I gave that a shot. I had white doilies but they looked a bit flat so I got one of them and simply dabbed a gold ink pad over it and then a white ink pad, giving it a nice mix of colour. I wanted it to be the focal point on an uncluttered card so the starry night paper worked great with just a simple bronzey/gold gem to top the tree. I used some more of that blue paper in the last card, cutting a strip of green paper to make a hill (I did rub a white ink pad over it to dull the colour), then adding some wooden tree embellishments to make a scene.

     For the final tree card above, I die-cut a ton of different shaped and sized snowflakes from several different sheets of blue coloured and patterned card, stuck them down overlapping each other to make a tree shape and simple added a sentiment sticker.

     Moving on from Christmas trees, I have some bauble themed cards:

     Again, having to make a lot of cards, I tried to keep things simple. for the first card, I die-cut some circles from pink paper and then die-cut some smaller circles from a different paper, sticking the smaller circles on top with some foam dots. I then just drew in the strings and stamped the sentiment. For the second card, I drew a circle (with the help of one of my dies) and coloured it in with a silver gel pen. Then, I filled the circle in with some silver adhesive gems, added a sentiment sticker, a bow and some string.

     For these two cards, I used some wood embellishment frames that I got and added some die cut images from another set. I added some gems to one from and a bow to another, just to dress them up a little.

     Remember the advent calendar I showed you at the start of the month? Well, these cards use some more of that paper. All I did for these cards was cut some paper to the size of the card and add a sentiment! Well, I also cut some white paper to put behind the tags so that they would stand out a bit, but that’s it and they’re still super cute, I think.

     And onto the last card for this post!


     I die cut some tiny squares and stuck them down with foam tape before adding a bow to make a cute little present! It’s a really simple card but it’s one of my favourites (great use of scraps!).

     And those are the Christmas cards I have to show you this post. Which is your favourite? If you liked this post, don’t worry, I’ll be back on Thursday with another batch of cards to show you!


20 thoughts on “Christmas Card Making 2016 – I

  1. These are all incredibly cute. The blue starry paper is GORGEOUS! I’ve seen the button Christmas tree idea somewhere before – in a magazine I think? (I’m not on Pinterest).

    My favourite of these is the snowflake tree.

    I think I started my Christmas cards in about June! I am cross stitching them though so it takes a while.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it! I wish I had more of that paper, it’s so handy! I think I have a tiny scrap left but I don’t want to use it up xD
      Wow, cross stitching them, now that sounds time consuming!


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