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Christmas Card Making 2016 – II

     Hello again everyone! Only two and a half weeks till Christmas now, have you got your cards sent out yet? I’m almost finished preparing my mail.

     I’ve made a lot of Christmas cards this year for me, my mom and my sister. I showed you the first batch of Christmas cards in Tuesday’s post and I have even more to show you today! I was quite happy with a lot of the cards in that post. These one’s I’m showing you today though, I’m not so sure about. Let me know what you think about them.

     First up, a card I’m happy with and a card I’m not:

     I used more of that starry night paper I mentioned loving last time, again with the green paper for the hill. I like how the tree one came out because it’s so simple and the tag colour matched the sky. I’m not as happy with the house though – I tried to make it look like there was a mountain behind but I couldn’t get it to look snow-capped and also the sentiment tag I used doesn’t really match.

    This next card turned out a little better, although I messed up my stamping on the side.


     I liked how the silver bauble card I showed last time turned out so I tried it again, this time making several small ornaments, and also, I only covered some of them with the adhesive gems.

Sometimes, I like to leave the front of the card without a sentiment.

Also, remember those small button cards from last time? I had a big bag of green buttons of various sizes and shades so I tried them out on a large 8×8 card.


It’s not the neatest looking tree! Because the buttons are different sizes, shades and styles, it’s a little tricky to get the shape while trying not to leave huge white gaps, but you can get it, with some patience.

This next card is another card that uses green triangles for trees, although for this one I used some black card to make a night sky and a white gel pen to make some snow.


And this card is just a simple piece paper, die cut decoupage image and a tag (sometimes the simple cards end up the better off ones!):


     Two very different cards but made using the same paper now:

     I’m not too happy with many of the cards in this batch but I do like this next one:photo-christmas-cards-2016-30

     See? Simple often works out better! This one is just a piece of paper that I accidentally cut too small for the card front which I then laid some ribbon on top, added a bow and stamped a sentiment.

     Apologies for the poor quality of these next few photos, I took them at night with really bad lighting!

     I like the second card above, the paper is absolutely gorgeous so I didn’t want to do too much too it. Some of the wood embellishment snowflakes I had matched up a bit with those on the paper so I stuck three down and just left it at that. For the first one there, I tried making a tree shape but my cutting is pretty dodgy!

     I stuck with that simple present shape for these cards, one using paper and the other using blocks of adhesive gems:

photo-christmas-cards-2016-54     And finally for this last card, I started with the present shape but decided to add a wood snowflake embellishment instead which I had heat embossed with some clear glittery embossing powder.

     So that’s another batch of cards shown. Two fifths of the way through this stack! (I did mention making an awful lot of cards!).

15 thoughts on “Christmas Card Making 2016 – II

  1. You certainly have been busy Emma, I like all of your efforts because I simply love handmade cards. Any time someone takes the time to make something for someone else, all of that love goes into it. I know what it takes to come up with different ideas all the time, not easy at all. I often find a design I really like and can repeat easily and make several at a time. I hope you are not wearing yourself out, you are making lots of cards. I hope everyone appreciates them.

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    1. Thanks! I had fun making so many different cards but I definitely think that next time I’ll come up with a few simple designs that I can make several of easily, probably won’t have to start my card making in September then!


  2. These all look fantastic! I don’t think you should worry about the ones you don’t like–I think you’re being your own worst critic (aren’t we all?). They all came out phenomenally. I’m a big fan of simplicity myself. So simple, in fact, that I just forego holiday cards every year! These are definitely pretty inspirational, though, so maybe next year.

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    1. Thanks! Ya, I think we do tend to be our own worst critics (I don’t know how many crafts my mom has actually rescued from the bin because I through them out in a fit of the mads after finishing because I made a tiny, tiny mistake xD)
      Well it’s not too late to make some this year!


  3. You are definitely worrying too much, or over-thinking maybe. Perhaps you are just all-Christmas-card-ed out?! I know I am. I agree with what you said about the house card in the first picture, but hey, these things happen! Otherwise I see a great batch of cards that the recipients will love!

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    1. Haha, I think I just might be Christmas-card-ed out! Maybe 60+ unique cards is just a little too much! I’ll definitely be doing more batch making next year – is it sad that Christmas hasn’t happened and I’m already thinking about how to go about next years Christmas cards xD

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  4. Wow, you’ve made loads!

    I love the little wooden embellishments. Your “snow” background is really cute as well. And I really like the one with reindeer flying through the air.

    I have only sent one card so far (to New Zealand). My boyfriend was supposed to post 6 more this morning but he left for work late so he’s promised to take them tomorrow instead.

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    1. I absolutely loved using all those wood embellishments on my cards – they can really make a simple card stand out!
      I’ve actually only sent out one card so far and that was one to my parents. Still got a big back to get in the post! I think I have a few days left though to send out my mail heading to the US (Seriously though, I was so prepared in making the cards but I’ll probably just reach the deadline for sending them, typical :D)


  5. WOW! You’ve been working hard! I don’t even have my tree up yet.🙄 The little imperfections on handmade cards are what makes them so appealing. You took the time to MAKE something pretty will mean so much to the recipient. I think they are all lovely!

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    1. Thanks! You’re totally right, it’s the thought that counts and I guess most people will simply find joy in the fact that they’re getting a handmade card because they’re so rare these days 🙂

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