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Christmas Baubles

     Hey everyone, hope you’re enjoying this Daily December challenge of mine (I’m aware that every time I refer to it I call it a different name, I’ll settle eventually…kinda liking Daily December though, you know I’m fond of alliteration…). Anyway, today I have a craft to show you and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I came across this idea a while ago when I was just on a YouTube binge – making baubles with styrofoam balls and some fabric. They’re really easy to make and look great! I made a huge bunch of them!


     What you do to make these is get a styrofoam ball and with a marker, divide it up into segments. With a craft knife, cut a little ways into the styrofoam ball along those lines. Then you want to measure how big the segment is and make a paper template for cutting the fabric. When you get the paper template the right size, it’s time to the fabric. You don’t need glue or anything to get the fabric on, just something narrow and pointed – I used a thin embossing tool. Lay your fabric over the area it’s to cover and just start poking the edges into the channels you cut with the craft knife. For the string, cut a length of ribbon, fold it in half, start poking it into the top and then hot glue it in place.

     You can make these in whatever style you want to match your decor. I went with red and black themes. I bought a fat quarter of plain black, plain red, red pattern and black pattern and made four different style baubles, as you can see above. I think the full black pattern ones are my favourite.

photo-baubles-3     Sometimes the top and bottom can get a little messy with all the fabric being shoved in. This isn’t so much an issue for whichever end you put the ribbon but if you want it looking a little cleaner, you can always try hot gluing a small button to the bottom to cover up the mess, like I did with the mixed red baubles I made.

photo-baubles-5     Remember when cutting your fabric to cut it big enough – you can always cut smaller! I cut some pieces too small so I had some trouble stretching it to be able to poke it down into the cuts.

     In total, I made 24 of these baubles (using up most of the fabric I had bought) and it took about a day – although I did the prep work of cutting the fabric and balls in a few hours one day and then putting them together another evening.

     You could make a full set for yourself to decorate your tree or make some to give to friends, I think they’d make great gifts!

     The baubles above are small ones, about 2.25″, but I also made some big ones.


photo-large-baubles-3     For these large ones, I was able to get two of them made with one fat quarter so they do use up quite a bit more fabric – but they are lovely! Other than requiring more fabric though, the principle of making them is the exact same.

     You might recognise some of the fabric used for these as ones I bought when I was in Belfast, aren’t they lovely? I think my favourite is the white snowflake one, it’s just gorgeous!


     Like I said at the start of this post, I’m super happy with how these came out. Even if some of them aren’t the neatest, they are handmade with love and are definitely unique!


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