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A Birthday Card and Box Making

     Hey everyone! How’s it going?

     Today I have a non-Christmas card for you. It was my sister’s birthday last month so I figured I should get round to showing you the card and box I made (although you might have already seen the box if you follow me on Instagram).

     Let’s look at the card first:


     I used the Forever Friends range, love the shiny silvers and golds it has. The front of the card has a lot of layering going on and also features a memory pocket because…


    It’s an interactive card! What 28-year-old doesn’t love an interactive card?


     And on the inside there’s an envelope!  Wait, doesn’t the card normally go in them? you ask. Well, my sister was getting some money so rather that just put the money in the card, isn’t it more fun to put the money in an envelope, put the envelope in a card and then put the card in another envelope?

     As for the box I made to put the present in, I’m quite happy with how it turned out considering I was making it up as I went along!


     It’s quite large so I had to use two 12×12 pieces of card, one for the top and one for the bottom. The card pack I have though only has one of each colour so different shades of blue had to do!


     In went the pen set, surrounded by some tissue paper.


     And then the wrapping happened! I think this is some of my finest present wrapping. I love the silver ribbon I used, it was just so nice to work with. I also used some bakers twine because why not! Also, I needed to use it to stick the tag on, which is actually just a decoupage image but it matched the box colour really well so I had to use it.


     And isn’t it so cute?

photo-kellys-birthday-present-5     I’m just rather happy with my box. Since getting that scoring board for my birthday back in October, I’ve really been enjoying being able to make things like boxes.

     Okay, that sounds really boring but it’s not! I swear boxes are actually really fun to make!


5 thoughts on “A Birthday Card and Box Making

  1. Agreed! Box making is very relaxing! The end result is super and combining the ribbon and twine works really well. I love the memory pocket idea on the card front too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So relaxing that I think I might just spend the day tomorrow just making a ton of Christmas boxes for no reason xD Ya, I think the twine works well with the ribbon because it’s quite a light ribbon (I love it so much, I need to buy loads more of it!)

      Liked by 1 person

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