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Planning with Geo #28 – Weekly View

     Hey guys, getting well into the Christmas season now aren’t we? How are your Christmas crafts, going? Keeping you busy? How are you enjoying my Daily December post challenge, able to keep up with it?

     The temperatures here in Limerick may have gotten much warmer than they were at the start of the month but I figured I’d still keep the blue theme going in my planner (maybe being hopeful for the temperatures to drop again so I can go back to wearing my fluffy winter pyjamas?).


photo-planning-with-geo-28-2     I quite like the colours of this kit (which is from Pretty Crafty Stickers). The dark blue is quite dark (although a bit lighter in reality than it is in the pictures), and the lighter blue has a green tinge to it – it’s an interesting shade!

     Also, the dark blue shade goes perfectly with these adorable tv stickers I got!

     Anyway, that’s all for this post. Sorry I’m keeping this planner post a bit short – I have a lot of crafts to get back to and blog posts to write! Good thing I only write daily blog posts for one month a year!


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