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Christmas Card Making 2016 – IV

     Hey everyone, ready for some more Christmas cards? I hope the answer to that is yes because I do have yet more Christmas cards to show! I wasn’t too happy with the last batch I showed you but I was quite happy with how these ones turned out. I’ll try get through them quickly.

      First up, I have some simple Christmas present cards made from scraps of paper – really simple to put together these ones were:

     Next, up, two cards made from one decoupage image – trying to get the most out of a sheet:

      And where would I be without more Christmas tree cards! For the first one up, I messily cut strips of green paper and tore them down to size to get a triangle going and for the second card I went back to making a tree with a doily. I stuck a green and red together so as to get the different colours as it folded, although I did mess up the top fold (think I just about get away with it though).

      I quite like the next card, it’s just simple layering of patterned paper and white paper, topped with the base layer of a decoupage image and sentiments. Sometimes layering is all you need! The other card is as simple as putting a die cut image and sentiment on top of some nice paper.

     These next two cards up were quickly thrown together. I was trying to make a bauble with the first card, using up a piece of paper that I’d die-cut a circle from and the second card was just using up some die-cut images left on a sheet.

     Now we’re onto my favourite cards I made – the giant 8×8 size cards that I went all out on. First up, using loads of small die-cut images and a pack of mini wooden frames.


photo-christmas-cards-2016-49     This wouldn’t be the cheapest of cards to make as it uses most of a pack of wooden frames, definitely a card for a person you really like! Although, the idea would also work if you’ve got a die frame. With this card, I just wanted to create that wall covered with old paintings look with all the small die-cut images that came in the set I had (which was the Docrafts Victorian Christmas one, really lent itself well to the idea!).

     The set (which was one of the A4 Die-cut and Paper packs) had an awful lot of die-cuts, I was having a hard time using everything up and in fact I still have several sheets of die-cuts and paper from it! This next card was a way of using up the single square and rectangle images. I covered the front of my card in tape and just started covering it up, cutting off any over hanging die-cuts. I had duplicated of some die-cut images so for I stuck a few on top using adhesive foam squares to add a bit of dimension to the card.


     This next card was the first 8×8 card I made and I was unsure how to fill up all that space when I was making it. I layered my paper down and then was like, ‘no seriously, what do I do with all this space, the die-cut images are too small for it!’. Eventually, in a bit of a panic, I stuck one of the memory pockets down put a really long die-cut tag in it and then found found some other images to stick around it. The tag was just there because it filled up space but my aunt (who was the one my mom gave this card to) took it out and started using it as a bookmark so an accidental success there with adding a gift!


    All the cards above share a similarish look because most of them use material from the Victorian Christmas set, here’s a very different card though (another 8×8). I covered the front of the card with a piece of kraft card and just started placing wood embellishment snowflakes down in a grid pattern, leaving space for a sentiment. It’s a really simple card but I think this is one of my favourites (being super quick to put together was a bonus!).


     And that’s that for this post. I do hope you’re not getting tired of Christmas cards because I will say that I have two more posts to come, another this week and one next week!


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