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November 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Okay, so, November was a great month for my incoming mail. I got a lot of really nice things (check out last week’s post for that). However, it wasn’t a very good month for my outgoing mail…my reply rate definitely went down in the middle of the month when I hit that anxiety ridden patch over my master’s degree and it didn’t pick up towards the end of the month because I was busy getting some things ready for December. Starting this month, I had a rather large stack of letter’s I needed to respond to…not good for November but I guess come January I’ll have a really packed post for you!

     Don’t worry, I did send a few bits and pieces last month to show you. There was a lot of mail that I sent out on the 31st of October but seeing as that was a bank holiday, nothing was collected until the 1st so that put all that mail into November’s outgoing!


     A right mix of mail art, isn’t it? Got a few La Papierre sets in there (the bottom and middle left), two envelopes made from calendar pages (top left and middle), one decorated with stickers (middle right) and one decorated with washi tape (top right)! I do like to send out a variety, for my own sake!

     Here’s a close up of some of the stamps I used. I don’t use them enough but I do rather like the Irish horse breed stamps.


     And what could be found inside that envelope with the horse stamps:


     A fantasy map of Hawaii! Seeing as it’s a map of Hawaii, I think you can probably tell that I drew this for Keely from and yes, I did draw old wooden ships and sea monsters – I did say it was a fantasy map!

     And here’s a close up of that sticker decorated envelope:photo-november-2016-outgoing-advert-envie

    It is a rather busy envelope. I do hope it managed to find its way to its destination safely!

     And not photographed above but here’s another letter I sent out (my response to that letter that was missent to Belize!):


     I did have the opportunity to send something out at the end of the month which I was thankful for. Someone on Instagram got in contact with me about doing a Christmas ornament swap after seeing a picture I posted so I put together a little package and sent that on its way!photo-ornament-swap-2

     Ah, the joys of squeezing as much as you can into a small box!

     Here’s everything not squished in:


     I put the ornaments into little bags each, some really nice Christmas ones, and also sent a selection of cinnamon tea (something I seem to have quite a collection of!).

     And that was my outgoing mail for November – I know, not a lot but I can definitely say December will be busier (because I have at least 15 Christmas cards to send out!).


10 thoughts on “November 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

    1. Haha, that’s good to hear! It’s one thing when I’m making up my own fantasy world where nothing existed before, but remembering to pay attention to actual geography is tricky xD
      And thanks! – it may not be pretty, but squishing things into small boxes can be a very valuable skill in life 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m impressed with how much you squished into that little box!

    I feel like November is always a bad time for letter writing because I get SO busy with Christmas and work and everything. My outgoing mail picks up in December, but it’s mainly cards with no letters added because I just don’t have time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ya, my December mail has definitely picked up, but that’s just because of sending out cards with short messages which I prioritised over letters. I’m only just getting to responding to all the letters I have so I’m sure none of them will arrive at their destinations before Christmas.


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