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Christmas Card Making 2016 – V

     Okay guys, I swear I’m nearing the end of my Christmas card posts, this is the second last one and a lot of the cards in this post were quick put together ones so no need to go into too much detail on them. Let’s get start:


    So, this card was a kit card. I picked it up because it was in a sale bucket and just put it together as it looked in the picture on the packaging – nice and simple!

     These two are also from a kit. I simply popped the die-cuts out and tried to put the cards together as they looked on the packaging picture, they’re super cute cards though – I love the little robin and those stockings!


     Now we’re onto the ones I put together. With this card, I kept the front very simple with just the tag on top and bottom. The wood embellishment is actually a gift for the person so it decorates the card front but then you can take it off and put it on your tree! Love the idea, I can’t take credit for it though – I think I saw it in a Docrafts video on YouTube.


     If you remember back to the previous card post, I had a large 8×8 card with small images cut out and placed with a few popped up with dimensionals – well, this is just a smaller version of that card.


     This card didn’t turn out as nice as I wanted it to be but as you can see, I was going for a bauble look using buttons. The idea works, my execution was lacklustre though!


     Try to ignore the mess of the photo – I used some white ink to tone down the wood snowflake embellishments but put the card into the packaging before they fully dried so they smudged off the plastic a little!

     Now, the rest of these cards are all simple layering cards. I grabbed the scraps of paper I had and the die-cuts from the almost used up sheets and just started matching them together. I didn’t measure any of my cuts, just eyed it (hence why some of the cutting is dodgy!).

     I know when it comes to layering paper, some people like to be very precise with measurements but I’m often too lazy to do that so I just estimate! With these, I started with the die-cuts and put them on paper, then I just used my trimmer to cut a border around them that I thought looked alright – nothing precise!

photo-christmas-cards-2016-36     Not being bothered too much about neatness and precision does speed up the process an awful lot. Also using paper and die-cuts from a matching set so you don’t have to worry too much about if things look well together because someone’s already done that work!

     With these next two cards, the die-cut images are from a different set but I managed to match the colours of them with some paper and tags from the Victorian Christmas set:

     And that’s all the cards I have for this post! I have one last Christmas card post which I’ll have for you next week and then you can all let out a sigh of relieve that you won’t have to look at any more Christmas cards from me for another 11 months!


15 thoughts on “Christmas Card Making 2016 – V

  1. You achieved such variety with your cards, which is really hard sometimes. I love the way you have used the vintage papers. I have something similar and keep taking them out, then putting them back again because I can’t think of what to do with them. Maybe next year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was tricky at first – I do love the vintage papers but they’re not what I instinctively reach for. My mom loves that old fashioned Victorian Christmas look though and as the majority of cards I was making were for her (and she did buy me the supplies), I had to step up to the task of using them!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a nice idea, I think I made mine a little too quickly so it came out a bit messy but you could definitely have a lot of fun with different coloured buttons and bows!


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