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Christmas Decor 2016

     Hey everyone, rather than look at another craft today, I though it would be fun to take you on a tour of some of the Christmas decor you can find in my house, and by my house I mean my parents. Also, it’s really just my mom’s Christmas decor, she decides where everything goes in this house!

     Let’s start with the Christmas tree, lights off, and lights on!

     Usually we have the Christmas tree in front of the window but we changed things around this year and put it in the corner where it’s much neater. Remember that teddy I got in Ikea a few weeks ago? Well, I’ve named him Kiba and he’s taken up residence under the tree to guard the presents.

     For our family, robins are a big thing for Christmas. My mom loves robins so it’s kinda rubbed off on me and my two sisters. Any robin ornament we have in the house, we have to get three of so we each have our own!


     We have a garland above the fireplace and the ribbons in it were looking very tatty so I was tasked with tying some new bows for it, unfortunately, I am awful at tying bows! Look at how bad it looks!


     My mom absolutely loves ornament houses – every Christmas she seems to pick up more so we have a whole scene going on on the hall table. I believe this set up was arranged by my twin – she took great delight in sprinkling the snow everywhere.

     Also in the hall, we have some other light up decorations:


     And of course, the sweet bowl of leftover chocolates from tins should be a prominent feature of any Christmas set up:


photo-chrsitmas-decorations-2016-11     Decorating the house for Christmas is always a fun task but it’s not easy, it took several hours and damn was I hungry by the end! Also, Christmas is all fun and game until the empty decoration boxes have to be tidied away!


16 thoughts on “Christmas Decor 2016

    1. Aren’t they just lovely – every year my mom picks up another one so it’s a growing collection, I wonder what addition the village will get after Christmas!


  1. There is always a downside, isn’t there?! I hate all the mess it makes, but still, you have to do it! The house looks fab – lovely warm colours make it really welcoming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That it is – trying to remember what goes in what box, always to be left a box short, wondering why things don’t all fit just to realise it’s because you’ve bought yet more Christmas decorations – fun times xD

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It is a time consuming task but at least it’s a fun one, plus this year both my sisters were off work so all five of us were able to put the decorations up together which was nice 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They are, hard to find an ugly robin!
      Quality Street? Nah, Roses and Heroes all the way! I love Cadbury’s Heros because I can eat all of them as none of them have nuts in them 🙂


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