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Christmas Paper Bag Memory Albums

     Hey everyone, remember that mini paper bag Christmas album I made a while back? Well, I’ve been busy making more of those for my family members, three more to be precise. I made one for my mom (and by extension it’s for my dad) and one for each of my sisters.


     I made my sisters (almost) matching ones. Both are made from white paper bags and featuring the same papers. They have different decoupage elements on the front but they’re from the same design set so they look similar (and also match the paper pack I used).

photo-christmas-paper-bag-albums-4      Like with the previous paper bag album I made, I stuck two paper backs together at the base and cut the inside handles off so you can carry the album around and store cards you get in the actual bag parts.

     There were small journaling cards in the paper pack so I stuck these down on the tabs formed from the bag bases folded in. I also roughly cut some paper into tag shapes for places to stick pictures in or write a few words.


     Also, like with the previous paper bag album I made, I hot glued an organza bag on the inside for if you want to store something small, like tags. Well, in this case, I stuck four small bags in – plenty of storage!


     The album ties closed with a ribbon up top and although it’s a little chunky, I absolutely love these paper bag albums!

     The ones I made for my sisters are almost identical but I went with a different style for my mom:


     I used brown paper bags for hers and used gold rather than silver ribbon.


     I used a different paper pack as well which had more cream and brown tones rather than white so as to match the paper bags more.


     I also used different bags – aren’t these snowflake ones lovely?

     Anyway, I hope you liked seeing these paper bag albums. They’re quite quick to make and are great for storing pictures, cards, tags and other such things you might want to keep safe!


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