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Christmas Box Making

     Boxes. I am all about making boxes this Christmas!

     Unfortunately, I can’t make boxes big enough to house the presents I’ve been getting people, but that hasn’t stopped me from making a ton of small boxes!


     It started because I wanted to make individual boxes for all those baubles I made so that I could gift them to people. I had a pack of black A4 card that I wasn’t using so I made about 30 small (2.5 inch square) boxes and used a selection of card for the mats. I used six different card patterns for the boxes:


     Now, I was making a lot of these boxes and they’d have taken up a lot of space if I’d sealed up the base. Instead, I kept them as fold flat boxes for easy storage!

     See, folds flat, then you just gotta push it open and close one end and it’s a box! Both ends open so either really could be the top but I decided to use my circle punch to punch an indent so that when the box was closed, you knew where to open it as when it is closed, all the sides are the same so it’s hard to tell.


       I made these fold flat boxes with the help of my score board but these next two were made using my trusty We R Memory Keepers gift box punch board.

     Looks like a normal box, doesn’t it? You expect to slide that ribbon off and just open it and it be a standard box but wait…


     Is that another box inside the box – why yes, yes it is!


     I made the largest box you can with the punch board, a 4×4 box and then made a box half an inch small, sticking the base to the bottom. I remembered seeing someone do this on YouTube although unfortunately I can’t remember who so I can’t give credit. I thought it was a nice idea though because it adds an extra special element to the box and almost makes it nice and study!

     I made a second box with a similar idea but rather than one box on the inside it has four small ones:


photo-punch-board-boxes-8     This one actually developed because I had been planning to make boxes of a different size for something else but I cut the card the wrong way and as I really loved the card, I didn’t want it to go to waste. Instead, I made a few snips here and there and managed to make boxes out of them that fit inside this bigger box. In all, this box used 5 12×12 sheets of card so it’s not the most efficient use of card but hey, I’m not always frugal!

     And finally, I just have a bunch of random boxes I made earlier this week because I simply wanted to make boxes and use up the card pack I have (I like to use as much Christmas stuff up as I can so I don’t have to carry it over to the next Christmas because I know I’ll just be getting more Christmas craft supplies over the year).

     I really like the long, thin box. The video I got that size from used the box for those tall and thin table candles. I don’t have any of those to gift so I’m not sure what I might fit in the box but I still like the shape of it.

     Anyway, there’s most (but not all!) of the boxes I’ve been making this month for Christmas. So glad I got that score board for my birthday back in October! There’s just something really satisfying about making a box!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Box Making

  1. These are all so great, and would be so nice for earrings or necklaces or some small gift like that. You could put a pair of earrings in a little bag and then into the box, that would be lovely. Really cool idea 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If only I had bought everyone small gifts like earrings! Ah, I made a ton of small boxes but unfortunately everything I got for my family was too big for them xD Still fun to make boxes though!

      Liked by 1 person

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