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Christmas Ribbon Wreath

     Just a quick craft post today for you, a ribbon wreath that I threw together using a polystyrene ring, a hot glue gun and a selection of gold ribbons.


     I just got a cheap polystyrene ring, wrapped a few different gold ribbons around it, sticking the start and end down with a hot glue gun, and then added a large bow to the front – using a lot of hot glue, not the neatest but it got the job done!


photo-ribbon-wreath-4     This wasn’t a planned craft, I just grabbed whatever ribbon I had from my stash. The base gold ribbon was a roll of 3m and I think I used all of it but my wreath is small, you’d definitely need a lot more for a bigger one.

     I used some wired ribbon that I got for really cheap to make the big bow – I definitely need to work on my bow tying skills because trying to tie one bow took me the same amount of time as the rest of the craft!

     Anyway, this was just something that I threw together real quick with no real idea of what I was doing, hope you like it, it’s the first wreath I’ve made!


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