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My Christmas Outgoing Mail

     A bonus mail post today! Normally I have two snail mail posts a month, one for outgoing mail and one for incoming mail from the previous month but December is a little different for mail because December means sending out holiday cards and it turns out I had quite a few to send. Between sending a few cards to family and (a bunch) to pen pals, I have a good stack going!

     Don’t worry though, I’ll still have an outgoing mail post for next month featuring the letters and contents of things I send, this is just the packaging!

     I think in all I sent out 20 cards and four packages. Hopefully most of them have reached their destination by now. The US cards got out before the An Post recommended deadline but I’m not too sure about the cards I have going off to New Zealand and Australia.

Close this window     Have I ranted before about how horrible the Christmas stamps were this year? Well, they’re usually pretty creepy looking and also religious so I don’t like using them. Seriously, look at them – I believe the national stamp is meant to be the holy family and the international one is the three wise men. I didn’t realise that until I read the description. I’d just like to know what drugs they’re all doing – I definitely feel like something was being smoked!

     The 72c stamp for the stamp booklet was nice, some ornaments, but I couldn’t use that for my cards as the majority needed international postage and adding the extra 38c with the stamps on offer wasn’t an option because I’d have had to use so many stamps they probably wouldn’t have fit on the envelope!

photo-stamps-for-christmas-3     So, needless to say, I didn’t use Christmas stamps. Instead, I opted for the usual landscape and Wild Atlantic Way stamps, with some shop fronts thrown in there! They’re not Christmasy but they’re much nicer looking!


     As for my packages, I could have made things easy and just paid for postage at the post office where one stamp would do the job…or I could piece together the stamps I had to likely upset the machines!

     Here’s some more close ups of the stamps mentioned above, with an additional boat/lighthouse stamp thrown in there.


photo-stamps-for-christmas-1     I also found an old Europa stamp featuring a teddy bear, the last one I had. I wish I could get more of these stamps but alas, they are no longer available! (Also, I miss when international letters only cost €1 to send, it was a much easier number to calculate).

     And so that’s my Christmas mail that I sent out earlier this month – hopefully my pen pals who read this blog have all gotten their cards!


4 thoughts on “My Christmas Outgoing Mail

  1. I’m definitely with you on the creepy stamps. o_O

    (BTW, I’m catching up on my blog reading, so apologies in advance if you get an email notification every time someone likes a post. :P)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I posted my last 4 cards today. They definitely will NOT get there in time. So ashamed! But I have been crazy busy and didn’t manage to finish making them until right before I posted them (AND sacrificed my lunch break to finish them) so…

    Those Christmas stamps really are creepy :-/ The wise men look like they belong in an episode of South Park.

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    1. As long as they arrive though, that’s what matters! It’s so hard sending mail off with a deadline – this is why the birthday cards I send are always belated xD
      Oh omg, yes, I hadn’t thought of South Park but now that you mention it, they do look like they belong in an episode of it!


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