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First Crochet Project – Crocheted Blanket

     I posted the picture of this on my Instagram a few weeks back but it deserves to be posted here too, even if it’s not a Christmas related craft – I finished my blanket!

     I’m sure I mentioned at some point in some post how I was in the process of crocheting a blanket. I must have mentioned it at some point. Well, I’m now finished that blanket that I may or may not have mentioned before!

    So before you get to see it, a quick recap on my crocheting. I started learning how to crochet back in April of this year (2016), just messing around and practising:


     After a day or two of that, I figured it was time to learn now to crochet something useful so I set about learning how to crochet a granny square and made this, my first one:


     Having successfully crocheted that, and been crocheting for less than a week, I figured I should start a project, something small…like a blanket:

photo-crochet-blanket-1     Oh, did I say small? I meant a massive blanket consisting of 144 squares that would take 7 months to make.

 photo-crochet-blanket-2    Easy to get those ideas mixed up!

     I used a cream colour, a sandy colour and a dark brown for my blanket and bordered everything in blue – the colours were specifically chosen to match the room it’s in.

     I did measure the blanket but I can’t find the measurements I wrote down. It is heavy though, I weighted  it and I think it weighs 2kg.

     Having finished my very first crochet project, I set out on my second, another blanket:


     I kept this one much, much, much smaller though and finished it in only two days as it’s just big enough for my cat to curl up on – yes, I crocheted a blanket for my cat.

     Anyway, I am really enjoying crocheting. I think I even prefer it to knitting. I’ll definitely be crocheting more in 2017 but I can tell you now, a blanket will not be on the list!


50 thoughts on “First Crochet Project – Crocheted Blanket

  1. Your blanket is gorgeous. I absolutely LOVE the color scheme you chose! If you haven’t, check out Ravelry.Com! So many free patterns there! Also, feel free to check out some of my crochet projects I list on my blog! If you’re ever up for it, I have a free hello kitty hat pattern on there also!


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