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Keeping Cozy on Christmas Eve

     Hey everyone, just one more sleep till Christmas!

     I hope everyone’s having a good time. Today isn’t a crafty post but it being Christmas Eve, I figure my blog is due a break from craftiness (but not from posts as I’ll sure as hell make this Daily December Challenge a success!).

photo-cozy-clothing-1     Instead of making anything, it’s time to get cozy! I will be getting cozy with the help of my super warm and soft and fuzzy poncho…thing! It’s got a furry hood and everything! My mom picked this up for me – I believe she got it in Tesco.

     With my family, it’s a Christmas Eve tradition, insisted upon by my twin, that we watch The Muppet Christmas Carol every year, one of the best movies every made, I think you will all agree…or at least the best Christmas movie. Well, for me, the only Christmas movie I watch (fun fact about me – I actually hate Christmas movies!).

photo-keeping-cozy-1     Of course I shall be enjoying The Muppet Christmas Carol under the comfort of my crocheted blanket because really, what’s the use of spending 8 months making a blanket if you’re not going to use it! Along with the blanket, I shall be joined by my monkey hot water bottle. He’s small but he’s perfect for cuddling!

      And of course, what cozy night in doesn’t feature a mug of tea? I might have a glass of wine…or two…and maybe a cocktail…but I needs me my tea! I simply don’t function without it!

photo-keeping-cozy-2     So as you see, I have plenty of things to keep me cozy this Christmas Eve! Of course, it’s not that cold here in Ireland this Christmas so after about five minutes under a heavy blanket with a hot water bottle and a poncho while drinking a cup of tea, I am going to melt completely.


9 thoughts on “Keeping Cozy on Christmas Eve

    1. Happy Christmas Eve then! No snow but at least it’s been a good day for you so far! Actually, if it did snow for Christmas, I’d be rather shocked. Probably wouldn’t know what to do because it’s been so long since it last snowed on Christmas!

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