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Christmas Wrapping

     Hey everyone! Now that Christmas is over and presents have been opened, it’s safe to take a look at the awesome presents that I bought for my family and friends! But before looking at the actual presents, I think I’ll spend today’s post on the wrapping because I did put some effort into it!


     First up, the presents that were too large for me to make boxes for. I did what most people do and wrapped them in wrapping paper. I mean, first I stamped the wrapping paper to make my own patterns – couldn’t just leave it brown now, could I? Brown paper with images stamped in black and a bit of bakers twine, very effective!


     Plus, you can make whatever themed paper you want! I thought my scribble heart stamp would look quite good on wrapping and I was quite right, if I do say so myself! I also paired the brown wrapping paper with some tags I punched from kraft card stock using my tag punch which I then glued a small wood embellishment to. Again, simple but effective!


     Me and my sisters got our parents a trip to Edinburgh, a pricey enough present but a difficult one to wrap for under the tree so to the envelope punch board it was! I think the card I used for this envelope was my favourite from the First Edition 12×12 card pack I got.


     From the same First Edition 12×12 card pack, I made this box to house my sister’s present. It’s quite a large box so it actually uses two pieces of card stock. I wasn’t working off a plan when I made the box either, actually just figuring out where to score the lines as I went along, but luckily it worked out keeps shut with the help of some ribbon!

photo-christmas-2016-wrapping-3     Unfortunately, the present for my other sister was just too big for me to make a box for it and too irregular shaped and soft for me to wrap it in paper, so I did opt for a gift bag from Ikea but it’s a rather nice one and I like how there’s a flap on it so you can’t see inside. I’ll have to pick up some more when I’m next up in Ikea! I did get her something flat as well so I did make another envelope from that.

photo-christmas-2016-wrapping-4     Now, I managed to find a solution for my sister’s awkwardly shaped present but sometimes, something just can’t be wrapped, case in point, the present I got my friend Laura. How do you wrap a giraffe? It was too big for any of the bags I had or boxes I could make and I obviously wasn’t going to wrap it in paper because, well, look at it! Solution – don’t even attempt to disguise it and give it a bow! (That’s what people do for cars?)

     I think he’s a very handsome giraffe with that bow anyway.

     Well, that’s it for my Christmas wrapping from 2016! I intended to have a cohesive wrapping theme but that didn’t really work out. It almost has…I used a lot of brown paper, bags and cards for a kraft look but my parents and my sisters presents don’t fit that.Oh well, I’ll just have to try again next year!

     Oh yes, and here are the presents under the tree being guarded by Kiba, my Ikea teddy:



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    1. I’m sure there is somewhere on the internet! xD My twin works in an off licence and during the holiday season, they’ll put together hampers of wine so she had to learn on the job how to do that. On the bright side, she’s now quite good at making hampers xD


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