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Christmas Givings

     I mentioned yesterday about taking a look at the presents I got for my family and friends but then only looked at the wrapping. Well, that was a bit of a tease so in today’s post I’ll give you a quick run through of some of the shopping I did for everyone this Christmas!

photo-christmas-2016-wrapping-4     Let’s start with the one I couldn’t hide in yesterday’s post on wrapping – the large wooden giraffe statute I picked up for my friend Laura. I got this when I was up in Belfast. There’s a fabulous stall in the Christmas market that sells all these wooden statues (actually, see the two robins in the background, they’re also from that stall). It was a really good price too, only £17!

     I also picked up a travel list book for her from Paperchase seeing she’s done a bit of travelling this year.

     So for Steve, Laura’s brother and my sister Kelly’s fiancée, I went in on a joint present between me and my parents (I found it though).


      The Nintendo Classic Mini! I actually pre-ordered this on Amazon back in August or around then. Thankfully I got this early, I’ve heard they’re hard to come by!


     Just from me, I also picked up Steve a puzzle. 2000 pieces should take him enough time!


     For my sister Aimee, I got her a Benefit kit which judging by the packaging is for lips. She really likes Benefit products but I know absolutely nothing about that kind of thing! Thankfully the Benefit staff tend to be really helpful and are able to recommend things! Also got her a shopping list planner from Paperchase because it’s cute…and she really needs to organise herself!


     And finally, I got my sister Kelly some London themed planner stickers as I have succeeded in getting her interested in planner stickers and she’s going to London over the summer to go see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (that’s what the play is called, isn’t it?). If I can, I’ll try get her to do a review of the planner stickers when she uses them!

photo-scarf-for-kelly-1     I also made her a matching  hat and scarf set. A really, really warm set. Seriously, I used about four strands of yarn at a time to make it super chunky! The coloured yarn I used is the Stylecraft Cabaret DK yarn. It’s super pretty to look at but a huge mess to work with! Seriously, I’ve never used a yarn before that tangled so easily. I literally took the ball band off, put the yarn down, picked it up five minutes later (without doing anything else to it) and then had to spend what seemed like hours untangling it. At least I finished the scarf and hat though. Rather than waste the yarn I had left, I made fringe for the scarf.

     And those are the present I bought! Well, I also chipped in money to get those flights to Edinburgh for my parents but a printed out piece of paper doesn’t make for an interesting photograph!

     By the way, does anyone else ever think ‘damn, the presents I got for people this year are so good, how do I top that next year!?’ – I seem to think this every year!


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