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December Daily Catch Up

     Hey everyone. So, December is almost over and it’s time to start welcoming in the new year – well, it will be tomorrow night. I figure tomorrow at the very end of the year is an appropriate time to look back over 2016 (and maybe evaluate my goals) so today I’ll get the monthly catch up post out-of-the-way. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the catch up posts going from here, I’m not sure how useful people find them, but seeing as I posted every day in December, the chances of having missed a post seem higher.

      Usually I do my blog planning in my personal sized Filofax but for December, I forewent the planner and instead tore out the month of December from an unused calendar so that I could see everything at one glance.


     I started by filling in the obvious topics, like the planner posts I do every week, the snail mail posts I do every month and a quick ‘happy Christmas’ post. With those days filled in, I then added the Christmas crafts I had made and knew I’d be able to write about, followed by the crafts I hadn’t made yet but knew I was going to make. After that, there was only a couple of days at the end of the month left so I brainstormed ideas and filled those in.

    And that’s how I planned my month! With that done, I just coloured the days in with a blue highlighter when I had written the post.

     Rather than explain what I wrote about in each post briefly, I’ll just list them this time as there are a lot of them:

  1. Christmas Advent Calendars I
  2. Christmas Advent Calendars II
  3. Advent Calendars From Last Year
  4.  My Shopping Trip to Belfast
  5. Planning with Geo #27
  6. Christmas Card Making I
  7. November Incoming Snail Mail
  8. Christmas Card Making II
  9. Christmas Ornaments
  10. Christmas Card Making III
  11. Birthday Box and Card Making
  12. Planning with Geo #28
  13. Christmas Card Making IV
  14. November Outgoing Snail Mail
  15. Christmas Card Making V
  16. 2016 Christmas Decor
  17. Christmas Paper Bag Albums
  18. Christmas Boxes
  19. Planning with Geo #29
  20. Christmas Wreath
  21. My Christmas Mail – Outgoing
  22. Christmas Card Making VI
  23. My Crocheted Blanket
  24. Keeping Cozy on Christmas Eve
  25. Christmas Day
  26. Planning with Geo #30
  27. My Christmas Haul
  28. My Christmas Wrapping
  29. My Christmas Givings
  30. December Catch-Up (this post)
  31. A Wrap up of 2016

     And so that’s my December done! Thankfully, I only post every day for one month of the year because it is hard work! I’m looking forward to going back to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule!


11 thoughts on “December Daily Catch Up

    1. It’s hard work having a blog post written for every day, I don’t know how some people do it for long periods of time! Glad to be going back to my 3 posts a week…although I’m also getting my art blog back up and running where I’ll be posting twice a week so I’ll still have plenty of blogging to do!


    2. I think they do three in a day and they set the time so it looks like it’s one every day. So they are days ahead. My week off is almost over and I really didn’t do anything. It’s also raining here so, I have had some hours in my new pj’s..hahha

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I write in bulk and schedule too but it’s hard coming up with topics to write about and then actually writing them – I tend to get tired of writing after three! Also just making sure I have enough things made xD
      Well, sometimes doing nothing is a very good thing to do!


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