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Wrap Up Thoughts for 2016

     Hey everyone. We find ourselves now in the final few hours of 2016 and what a year it has been – definitely one of ups and downs both on a personal level and global level (but being in Ireland, at least some of the biggest global downers – cough, Brexit and Trump, cough – don’t affect me on an immediate scale so I can ignore those here and pretend the world is rosy).

     For me, it’s been a strange year. My dog died back in May which was horrible and though I was really excited to start my master’s degree in September, it did result in a lot of unexpected anxiety and stress for me, eventually leading to me dropping out of said masters mid way through November.

       In other respects though, 2016 has been good. I made several new pen pals who I really enjoy getting letters from and I’ve gotten so many new followers on my blog. It really does put a smile on my face every time I see I’ve gotten a new follower and that someone’s left a comment.

     In the past year, I have tried out 4 different planners, two of which have been a success so I view that as an overall positive. However, I only achieved 1 out of 7 of the goals I set for 2016, so that wasn’t so good. (The one goal I did achieve was learning how to crochet).

     My goals for 2016 might not have been successful but that hasn’t stopped me from making a huge list of goals for 2017 ranging from the big and scary like ‘attend a craft fair and sell some things’ to the why is that a goal of yours kind like ‘watch all of Naruto Shippuden’ (no really, that is one of my goals – I’m currently on episode 120, only 350+ more to go!). Other goals include a reading one, some language goals and the usual weight loss one.

     I currently have my goals written on a scrap piece of paper but I will be adding this into my planner at some point. When I do, I’ll definitely make a blog post detailing all of them!

     Until then, I hope you all have a good new year’s eve and day. May 2017 start good and end that way as well!

     (Have you made any goals for 2017?)


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