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2016 in Snail Mail

     As a year, it might not have been an overall good one but it was a great year for my snail mail!

     I know I did a round-up post of my snail over the summer when I celebrated my first year of writing letters but I thought it would still be fun to look back over some of the snail mail topics I’ve written about in 2016 and a few of my favourite pieces of mail art that I’ve sent out.

     So, 2016 was the year that I discovered La Papierre and the super cute subscription service they have for writing paper and envelopes. I’ve been getting it for about half a year now and I love it. While there’s obviously some of the letter sets I have preferred over others, I don’t think there’s been one I’ve been disappointed about getting. Unfortunately, this is the last month I’m getting it for a while as I want to start saving a bit of money but as soon as I figure out my money situation and want to treat myself to something, back to La Papierre it is!

     I also set up my snail mail planner this year which was a lot of fun. Rather than ramble about that again though, I’ll just point you in the direction of the video tour I did of it because a flip through video gives a much better sense of how I’ve set it up:

     As far as decorating my envelopes has gone, colouring books are still my favourite things to use because it’s so easy to make a lovely looking piece of mail using them and you know I’ll definitely be keeping the colouring books going in 2017, especially since my sister got me a colouring book especially for enveloping making! No really, she saw a colouring book that was large and square and thought I’d enjoy making envelopes from it, she knows me so well!

     I’ve also been really enjoying using calendar pages this year to make envelopes, especially seeing as my sister gave me a huge stack of 2016 calendars featuring Irish landscapes that they had to get rid of from the store she works in to make room for the 2017 calendars.

     I mentioned at the start of this post that 2016 was a good year for my snail mail and that’s thanks to the people I write to, so to all the new pen pals I made in 2016 (and the ones from 2015 as well!), thank you for being wonderful people and helping me fill up this box with letters – it’s not seeming so empty anymore!

Photo - 2015 and 2016 Snail Mail (1)

     To anyone out there who doesn’t have a pen pal, I really do recommend finding one. It’s a wonderful thing to have a friend to write letters to. Seriously, just go for it! If you don’t know where to start, I wrote a post a while back that you should read about sites you can check out to get started with pen palling, just head over here.

     Just to let you know, I, unfortunately, won’t be accepting any new pen pal requests as any more pen pals and I might struggle to keep up with my mail but don’t forget that I am open for doing once off swaps, be they postcard swaps, tea swaps, quick notecard messages or craft supplies swaps, anything like that! Don’t be afraid to get in contact with me (just check out the ‘contact me’ page up top!).

     On that note, I’ll finish off my post. I hope 2017 can be just as good a year for my snail mail and I hope you have a year filled with happy mail as well!


29 thoughts on “2016 in Snail Mail

  1. I really like your post. I have been penpalling for about 15 years (I was 10 then!!), and I love it! I have no idea what would happen to me if one day I should stop writing letters. I also recommend it to anyone, who are motivated enough to write a letter once in a week or so. Unfortunately because of the Internet many people became lazy, therefore they don’t really care about writing letters 😦

    I love your idea about the colouring books! I usually bought colouring postcards books, as at least I can use them, and I saw no sense at all to buy colouring books. I got one for Christmas, and I had no idea what to do with it once I color all the pages… I guess I copy your idea 😀 (I’m sorry to write that).

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    1. A lot of people have lost interest in letter writing because technology makes it so much easier to keep in contact but I think the internet has also helped rekindle an interest in snail mail too because it does make it easier to find pen pals and to share your love for letters!
      Haha, well, that’s why I write blog posts, to share ideas so others can be inspired! Plus, I imagine I wasn’t the first person to use colouring book pages for envelopes xD

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    1. Hey, I didn’t realised you’d emailed me! I checked my inbox after reading your comment – turns out it had ended up in my junk folder which I never check (a lot of things seem to end up there, I really do need to check it more often!). I shall respond shortly to it! Sorry for that ^-^


    1. Hi there! Sorry to say that I’m not looking for new pen pals at the moment. This might change in the future but right now I’ve got a stack of about 10 letters I need to respond to so any more pen pals and I definitely won’t be able to keep up with my mail!


  2. Oh my god, I have so many adult colouring books (people keep buying them for me, haha) – I never thought of using them as stationary – the possibilities!

    I really enjoyed this post, I think I’mma have to mooch around your blog a little more 😛 haha

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    1. Glad you liked it! Haha, it’s so easy to end up with a stack of colouring books, isn’t it? They seem to be the go-to gift lately! But they make great material for stationery and for cutting out images to decorate things!


    1. Well I figure that if you’re spending time and effort on the contents of the envelope, the envelope should get a little care as well, something to make it special even if that is just a little bit of washi tape or a doodle in the corner!

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    2. Hmm, not sure – but I imagine for the large part you’d be okay using dye ink anyway. I mean, I don’t know about the state anyone else gets their mail in but I rarely get mail that’s gotten wet so it’s not something I consider too much when I decorate.

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    3. Mine often looks like it has been through a hurricane and a herd of damp cattle. And there are not many of either of those in South London usually. I think maybe Postie just gets bored.

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    4. Hello Puff and Emma.
      I’m on ‘catch-up’ duty, trying to catch up with posts I’ve missed while poorly.

      Saw that you asked about inky drawings on envelopes getting wet … I have a solution which might work:
      Once you’ve done your drawing and the ink is completely dry …. grab your trusty can of hairspray and LIGHTLY spray a dusting of hairspray over the envelope. Now be cautious… don’t wet the envelope. You aren’t varnishing the floor! A LIGHT spray! Then, if you feel that it needs some more – give it five minutes to totally dry off, and give it another LIGHT coat of hairspray. (Do it outside if possible – you don’t want to spray your furniture. eeek!)

      This (these) LIGHT hairspray coat(s) should be enough to protect your drawings.

      Hope this helps.
      Squidges to you both! ~ Cobs.x

      P.S. . . . LOVE the new pencil umbrella Emma (your new avatar icon) Did you draw it yourself? (I also loved the little girl that you used to have. Such lovely avatars!) xxx

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    5. Hairspray – that makes so much sense! Should of thought of that, I used to use hairspray all the time to set my drawings when I used chalks. Thanks for the tip!
      And thanks! Yup, drew it myself – thought I could do with a new avatar, one drawn a little neater than the last one xD Plus, couldn’t resit the idea of a pencil umbrella when the idea popped into my head, seemed to fit my blog so well 🙂

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    1. One of my favourite things to do, making envelopes. I figure if I’m spending time to write a letter and fill it with nice things, I might as well put some time into personalising the envelope!


  3. I am happy to have met you this year! And I am amused that your snail mail box looks quite similar to mine! (Though mine is a smaller version for now.) I adore La Papierre, but money has been tight since I’ve found them so no subscription for me… yet! It’s something I’m hoping to treat myself to at some point this year. I DID order some sets from their Etsy page for Christmas gifts though and they were all a hit!

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    1. I just went with a large box for my snail mail because I figured I’d fill it up eventually – thinking ahead! xD
      How could the La Papierre sets not be a hit, they’re always so cute! I might treat myself so some specific sets from the Etsy store soon – they have the sloth paper up there and I really want more of that because…well sloths, sloths are super, super cute 😀

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    1. Got it in TK Max!
      I recently reorganised my snail mail box and I was torn with what to do with the letters from people who haven’t written back for over a year. I ended up keeping them for now – felt guilty about thinking about getting rid of them. I’m such a hoarder xD


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