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Roald Dahl Ikea Stool

     I have a quick and very simple craft for you today – all you need is some paper, some modge podge and an Ikea stool. It’s a great way of personalising a bit of furniture, especially for a kids room.


     A good while back, I found this pack of adhesive Roald Dahl themed paper on sale so I picked it up but didn’t have any plans for it. A while later, my parents took a trip to Ikea, they picked up this cheap stool (I believe it is the Frosta and costs €11) figuring I could probably do something with it. Fast forward a few months to just before Christmas – it clicks to use the adhesive paper on the stool! There’s a reason to hold onto things!

 photo-roald-dahl-stool-1    I used adhesive paper to cover the top of the stool but normal decoupage paper would also work with some glue. I ended up covering the top with modge podge to give it an extra layer of protection as the stool was going to be given to my neighbour’s kid who’s five years old but that’s all there is to dressing up this piece of furniture!

     Seeing as it’s a Roald Dahl themed stool, my mom also picked up a Roald Dahl book to add to the present so it turned out to be a cute little set.

     I could have been a bit more careful when putting the adhesive paper down – some cracks in the paper showed then and I wasn’t able to smooth all of them out after the fact. When I added the modge podge, it kind of made them more obvious but you don’t really notice them unless you’re looking real close so I think I get away with it.



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