A5 Planner – 2017 New Year Goals

     Hey everyone, we’re just over a week into the new year (when does the year stop being refereed to as ‘the new year’?).  I hope it’s getting off to a good start for you. I mentioned either last week or the week before about making some inserts for my A5 Planner for listing my 2017 goals and I’ve finally gotten round to doing that! They’re very simply done but they do the job!

     When I started with this A5 planner and designing and drawing my inserts, I envisioned beautiful and detailed layouts all over, filled with wonderful doodles. In reality, I’m too lazy to do that so badly drawn boxes and banners it is and no fancy writing here, just regular old handwriting! If I’m feeling creative, I grab a difficult colour pen for the headings but more often than not, that colour is grey!

photo-a5-planner-2017-goals-4     So, my 2017 goals cover the spectrum. I have the obvious health goal of losing weight, a standing reading goal (26 books) and some language goals to give me something to work towards. This year, I decided to make myself some goals for my blog, Instagram and YouTube as well. I thought it would be good to pick a number of subscribers that I can celebrate passing (if I’m lucky enough to do so!).

     Last year, my craft goal was to learn how to crochet (which I did learn how to do by making a very large blanket). This year, I’ve decided to focus on needles – I want to learn how to sew properly and also learn needle felting. I sort of know how to use my sewing machine for basic things like making scarves but I want to get better at using it so I can make for complicated things and I also want to learn how to hand stitch things so I can finish things off neatly (I’m so bad at it at the moment!).

    Those all seem like very sensible things to list as goals for the 2017 but of course, what’s a list of goals without one or two ones that make you think ‘really?’ when you look at them! One of my goals for the year is to finally get a newer gaming machine as my xbox 360 is very old and playing new games might be nice (I’ve been meaning to upgrade for a while now but I always convince myself it’s not worth the money). I also have a goal to catch up with watching the anime show Naruto Shippuden. There’s 480+ episodes at the moment. I think I can do it. I have watched about 120 since starting the show back in October after all!

photo-a5-planner-2017-goals-2     I also made a goal for 2017 to get my Etsy shop going. Now, that’s a very vague goal but I’m working on detailing that out into doable monthly steps which I’m listing on the next page. I’ve come up with very easy things to start me off for January and February – making listings. I think with these goals, I’ll be making them up as the year goes on so right now I only have goals for January and February. When I get into February, I can see how things are progressing and then make reasonable goals for the following month of two.

     Basically, to count my goal of getting my Etsy shop going as a success, I’d like to have (even just a very small number of) regular purchase from my shop. It’s not a real concrete number or anything but I think I’ll know when I feel I can tick this off my list!

     So those are my very simple planner inserts and my goals for 2017! For 2016, I made a page in my planner listing them but unfortunately, I lost that list. At the start of 2016 I was using my owl pocket planner but then I moved to an A5 diary before eventually settling into my personal size Filofax and my list got lost with all the moving – hopefully I won’t lose track of this list!


25 thoughts on “A5 Planner – 2017 New Year Goals

    1. Thanks! Actually, I do have a question, have you ever used the promoted listings feature? If you have, does it work at bringing more traffic to your shop? Been wondering if it’ll be worth it once I get some listings up


    1. I think Dutch is kind of funny, I’m awful with accents unless I really build up the confidence to pronounce them the correct way😂 I don’t think it’s too difficult though🤗 kind of like English sometimes! The only reason I was learning it was becasue I am thinking of studying in Groningen😌

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    2. Oh yes, I remember you mentioning Groningen before – I guess some Dutch might be useful if you want to study there! Although you’d be alright in the short term – my twin did her study abroad semester there and didn’t really learn more than a handful of Dutch words!

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  1. One, your handwriting is awesome.

    Taking the JLPT is a lifetime goal for me, but first I’d like to get back into learning Japanese. I miss it – it’s a fun language to learn.


    1. It is a fun language, I miss studying it at university. I hope to do the JLPT this year as something to work towards so I don’t start neglecting the language now that I don’t actually have to learn it 🙂


  2. I’m so in love with that planner! I just started an Etsy shop and it was one of my goals too (I’m Weekend Therapy on there as well)! You could even start with those adorable planner pages- I love the Etsy Goals one- either printed or as digital!


    1. I’ll try work on making them into some inserts then, maybe printable ones! Although at the moment my making things is at a standstill because I’m redoing my craft room so everything is packed away – not a good start for my etsy shop! xD

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    2. Well I have a trip to IKEA planned for next week so hopefully I’ll have put everything up and still have a few days before the month ends to reach my Etsy goal for January of making five things to list!

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