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December 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

     Hey everyone, how’s it going?

     Getting to you a bit later in the month than usual with my incoming snail mail post because I was looking back at my 2016 in snail mail last week but I’m finally getting around to writing about my incoming mail from December now and boy was December a good month for snail mail! I actually forgot to photograph a lot of the Christmas cards I got (it was a hectic month!), so here are just a few pieces that arrived for me last month.

     I had posted a picture of some fabric I had bought on Instagram mentioning how I was going to be making some Christmas ornaments with it and letheine1 got in contact with me about doing a swap so I jumped at the opportunity. I sent her two of the ornaments I made (these ones) and she sent me one an adorable little knitted stocking.

     She also sent me a glasses case she’d made, some washi tape samples and some tea (the rose lemonade one was lovely!). I’m so glad she got in contact with me about doing a swap. I definitely think I’ll do more swaps next year in the run up to Christmas so I can decorate a small tree with loads of different hand-made ornaments from around the world.

     Also in December, I got not one but two pieces of lovely mail from Stephanie! She sent me some (really tasty) chocolates, a very cute magnet and an equally cute advent card – I adore the advent card, it was so fun opening up a door each day to see what picture was hidden beneath!

But I mentioned she sent me two pieces of mail. That one was at the start of the month. Towards the middle of the month, I got another Christmas card from her:


     Seriously, how cute is that little hobbit door that she painted? I absolutely love it!

 photo-december-2016-incoming-keely-2     Limiting myself to just showcasing three of the many pieces of mail I got last month, I’ll finish up with the lovely Christmas present that I got from Keely. She sent me a really cute Christmas card of a snowy scene with woodland animals, a very pretty pencil-case and a sticker book. I love the pencil-case – I currently have it sitting on my desk and am using it to store some of my snail mail essentials like all my stamps and address stickers. And the sticker book, well of course I love that too! She knows me so well, how could I not love a solar system sticker book! I actually got really excited when I saw that it didn’t just have the planets but also some of the moons – I love Jupiter’s moons! Is that a strange thing to say?


      Well, that’s all for this post. Sorry I was only able to show off a few pieces and not all the lovely cards I got. Maybe I need to add something else to my list of 2017 goals – remember to photograph my mail! Before this post ends completely, here’s some of my favourite stamps from the month that I did remember to photograph:


11 thoughts on “December 2016 – Incoming Snail Mail

    1. My favourite is Europa – gotta love an ice moon with the potential for life! Plus, it has a region named the Conamara Chaos. One, that’s just an awesome name and two, it’s named after the Conamara region in the west of Ireland!


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