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Flip Through of the Flow Book for Paper Lovers vol. 4 (with videos)

     Hey everyone. During my Christmas haul post, I talked about getting the Flow Book for Paper Lovers vol. 4 and mentioned that if anyone was interested in seeing a flip through of the book that I’d do it. Well, at least one person said they were interested so I have recorded two videos for you of it!

     So for anyone who doesn’t know what the Flow Book for Paper Lovers is, it’s a book for people who love paper. No really, that’s the gist of it. Every year, the Dutch company who make the Flow Magazine produce a book with (almost) no words in it, just paper and crafting goodies that you can tear out and enjoy. It really is a wonderful thing. It comes out in November each year so I get it for Christmas. The book contains things like paper, tags, stickers, postcards and so many other things so if you enjoy paper crafting, it’s definitely something to check out!

     But onto the video now! If you don’t have much time and just want to see what’s in the book, check out this five-minute flip through of it to some nice music:

     I tried to make the video as short as possible by speeding it up but there really is just so much in it!

     I recorded a second video too – a much, much longer one! This one is about 24 minutes long and in it I ramble on about what I like as I flip though the book, commenting on how pretty everything is:

     I did warn you about it being long and rambling! Also, I don’t have a very good set up for recording videos – that’s something I’m going to have to work on this year if I’m to keep making videos.

     So those are the two videos I made. Whichever one you watched, I hope you enjoyed watching it (and that my voice wasn’t too annoying for the long one!). If you can’t watch the videos right now, here are some pictures of what’s in the book. These are some of my favourite things from it:


11 thoughts on “Flip Through of the Flow Book for Paper Lovers vol. 4 (with videos)

  1. I also stopped buying their books for the same reasons — too much paper that I think will last me a decade of crafting. I received their first issue as a complimentary for being featured on their ipad version and I haven’t used it all up even and I still have their two other newer ones. Thinking of doing a giveaway but it is too much work. 🙄

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    1. It is a lot of paper to get through – I’m really going to have to start incorporating more of the Flow paper into my card making. I don’t know why I never use it in my card making, I only seem to use it for my journaling which I don’t do much of.


    1. I do, usually just when video helps show something off better than pictures 🙂
      I believe the Flow website does delivery to the US but I image the post and packaging is pretty pricey. Maybe you might find it on ebay?


  2. This looks amazing, it’d keep me entertained for so long! I think I’d spend the first month just looking through it, not wanting to cut it up, then the temptation would win. I really have to make inroads into what I’ve already got, though, too many paper avalanches

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    1. Understandable – I’ve also got quite the stash to work through but I can’t resist something like the flow book. I do spend the first month or so just flipping through it, reluctant to cut into anything because what if I run out! xD

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