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Personal Planner Weekly Spread and Sticker Review

     For Christmas, my sister Kelly got me this absolutely lovely set of planner stickers from Pemberley Prints on Etsy featuring The Fellowship:


     I used them in my planner recently so instead of just showing you pictures, I thought I’d give a little review of the stickers for you too.

     Now, the sticker kit is a lot darker than what I would usually use in my planner. Kelly recognised that too and said so as soon as I opened the present but she followed that up with ‘but I had to get them for you because Lord of the Rings’ and I totally understand – I’d have gotten them for myself too had I spotted these! The green is quite dark and it’s a bit hard to see black pen against the darkest shade in certain lighting but that’s not too much of a worry for me as the kit also comes with enough lighter map background stickers to balance out the green.

     Speaking of which, look at how many stickers are in that kit! Seriously, there are so, so many! The kit only costs €8.26 and you get: 1 sheet of full boxes, 1 sheet of half boxes, 1 sheet of washi strips, 1 sheet of bottom bar washi and decorative elements, 1 headers, 1 Little Things sheet, 1 functional sheet and 1 sheet of ombre heart checklists.

     It’s described as ‘a seven page weekly sticker set perfect for the Erin Condren Planner’ but having decorated my weekly spread (and not that sparsely), I imagine I’ll be getting at least 4 weeks out of this one kit, if not more, so it is definitely worth the money! There’s quite a few nice kits in the shop so I imagine I’ll be picking up some more stickers from there when I can afford to (I have my eyes on this gorgeous cherry blossom kit for spring!).

     Before I ramble on more, here’s how my week came out:


photo-dark-lord-of-the-rings-weekly-spread-3     I just absolutely love the map stickers (even if they weren’t from Tolkien’s maps, I’d love them because I do just adore maps). Like I mentioned above, I don’t usually go for such dark colours so I tried to use the green sparingly but I do love how it came out – and I discovered that if the black pen against the green is too hard to see, white works – I used just a cheap white gel pen to write in ‘snail mail’ and it came out fine, although it did make me realise that I need to get a good white gel pen as mine isn’t so great (anyone got any recommendations?).

     I did notice that sometimes my pen would have trouble writing on the stickers and skip a bit (I use staedtler pigment liners) but this happened more so with the thin nib pens rather than the thicker ones. I imagine if you use a ballpoint pen you wouldn’t have any trouble.


     It took my a little longer to decorate my planner than usual with these stickers because I’m so used to using the sticker kits from PrettyCraftyStickers and I have a bit of a set way of decorating with those – maybe that’s a sign I need to switch up my sticker kits more often!


     Anyway, I did like using these stickers. They seem like good quality and there are so many of them in a kit that they’re definitely cost efficient! The added bonus is that it’s a UK based store so the P&P to Ireland is a reasonable price meaning I can afford that as well (too many times have I been stopped getting stickers by the postage price from America!). To end, I would recommend this sticker shop!


10 thoughts on “Personal Planner Weekly Spread and Sticker Review

  1. ehhh… love maps too and LOTR and this is a gorgeous set. About the pens, this might help you:
    – white uniball signo is what I use on dark colored papers, it has a medium point (around .7 to 1)
    – and uniball signo or micro (I use .3 & .5) for sticker or unusual paper surfaces. 👍🏻

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    1. I never seem to use stamps in my planner anymore – I say it’s because I just don’t have the right set of stamps but really I’m just so slow and messy with stamps xD Also I print my inserts out on fairly cheap paper that can’t handle the ink so stickers are my saviour!


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