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December 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     So, last month being December, I obviously had a lot of outgoing mail (20+ Christmas cards to be precise) and I wrote a post about that so you’ve actually already seen some of my outgoing mail already:

     Well, I know that everything I sent out last month has arrived (if it hasn’t gone missing anyway), so now I can show you some of the contents of the packages and things I sent off to far away lands. I also sent out some normal letters too.

photo-december-2016-outgoing-postcrossing     Oh, and I sent out some postcards! I finally got around to clicking that ‘send a postcard’ button on Postcrossing. One went off to Germany and the other to Russia. I think I sent the Japanese fan colouring one to Russia and at the time of writing this, it’s still travelling (35 days so far so not that unusual for cards going to Russia). The one with the girl and the cat I sent off to Germany and it arrived in just a few days. I won’t be getting any postcards back though until I send out some more – my postcrossing stats got a little messed up with me getting more postcards in than I’d sent out so I’m trying to even out the numbers again! At the moment I’m on 40 sent and 41 received (plus that one still travelling) so I’m almost there!

     But onto my letters now. I have a lot of the La Papierre letter sets in my snail mail stash now and with quite a few being winter themed, I used as many of them up as I could for my December letters.

     I have to say that the two sets in the right hand picture are my favourite. I love the colours of the girl on the bike and the snow scene – so cute! I cancelled my subscription to this for a while as I have a stash built up that I want to get through but when I start working my way through that I’ll definitely be resubscribing to this service but seriously, how could you not love those papers and envelopes!

     Onto some, but not all, of the packages I sent out last month now.


     Emma from Soggy Musings, sent me a ton of stuff at the end of November so this was my response package to her! She had been doing a clean out so I didn’t want to send her a bunch of craft supplies just to replace what she’d sent me but I couldn’t resist giving her some of the Tales from Wilson Wood tags because they are super cute! I sent her some planner stickers though because a planner girl can never have too many stickers. That’s a fact. And it being Christmas, of course I sent some Christmas goodies – some handmade ornaments for her and a Christmas stocking for KitKat (her cat) – although I believe the box might have gone down better than the stocking!

     To my good friend Keely, I did my best to put together a seaside theme package for the holidays (turns out that I had amassed a few sea themed products and materials over the year!)


     Remember that handmade journal I made a while back? Well, I wasn’t doing anything with it so I thought I’d send it on somewhere it might get used. Of course, then I realised I had some fabric I hadn’t done anything with and I was using the sewing machine for something else so I decided to whip up a scarf! (Keely wrote an outfit post featuring it so definitely check that out!). Then, I was looking for a suitable card to add and I remembered I had one that Sarah from A Bit Of Glue And Paper had made. It’s a really cute card and while not at all what you’d think of when you’re looking for a Christmas card, it did fit my theme perfectly!

     And to make sure everything arrived in Hawaii safely, I left this wild bunch keep an eye on things:


     So that’s my mail from last month!

     I hope you enjoyed this post as I’m not sure how interesting next months post will be – December wiped me clean out of stamps. I haven’t sent anything out this month so far because I simply can’t afford too!


18 thoughts on “December 2016 – Outgoing Snail Mail

  1. You make beautiful packages, Emma, and I was so excited to open my present. ❤ I was sad not to be able to use the baubles on my Christmas tree (KitKat started climbing it, and then it caught on the front door handle and fell over) but they looked so pretty on the wall at the foot of my bed. (I had fairy lights strung up on command hooks to hold my xmas cards. It was supposed to be in the shape of a Christmas tree but we ran out of lights and had to make a half-hearted zig-zag instead, but it still looked awesome — especially with your baubles on it!)

    You're right that KitKat was more interested in the box lol. She got quite a few toys at Christmas, though, and extra special Dreamies, so I think she'll be more into the stocking now things have calmed down a bit. ;D

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    1. I guess Christmas can be a little overwhelming for cats, they’ve got no idea what’s going on after all.
      Ah, the problem many a cat owner faces – how to enjoy Christmas while owning a cat! I was convinced that Misty would start attacking our Christmas tree as this was her holiday season in the house (well, she was around the previous Christmas but she wasn’t inside as much then). Thankfully though she left it alone. I think it may have had something to do with the large husky dog teddy I left under the tree to guard it xD Instead, she just took to knocking over Mary and the wise men in the nativity scene my mom had set up under the table.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I never really thought what cats feel at Christmas. I didn’t go half as mad this year as I did last year, since 2015 was our first Christmas together, so she wasn’t as overwhelmed, but this was the first time I tried putting up the tree because I wasn’t sure how she’d react. (I actually reused some of the toys from last year to stuff her stocking but shhhh!) At first, I thought she wasn’t interested in the tree at all, but then the baubles went up and it apparently turned into Mount Everest or something. XD I guess we both got the opposite of what we’d expected this year!

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    3. The weird thing was, she wasn’t even all that interested in the baubles. (She batted a couple a few times but wasn’t really up there for them, you know?) They just seemed to make climbing the tree more enticing somehow, I dunno. XD

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    1. Well, who doesn’t love receiving lovely things in the mail! I have fun putting packages together and I hope my pen pals like receiving my packages, also, I hope people enjoy reading these snail mail posts so it’s a win-win for everyone!

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  2. Emma, you really sent me the most thoughtful package! It makes me smile just to think back on it (although I’m embarrassed to say that I already used 99% of those stickers; they were just tooooo irresistable, even though I wanted to save them!). I wore your scarf all over California and Hawai’i while documenting my travels in your journal! And as soon as I get an inkpad in an appropriate color, those sea creature stamps are going EVERYWHERE. Thank you again! ❤

    I sent you a letter from Hawai'i before I left, which I hope you'll get soon if you haven't already! 🙂

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    1. It hasn’t arrived yet but hopefully soon (I’ve gone waaaaay too long without getting any mail! No mail weeks make me sad – it might help if I got round to replying to the letters I have :D).
      I’m glad everything is being put to use.
      That’s the thing with stickers – you’ll either hoard them and never use them for fear of running out or else use them all up immediately, there’s no such thing as moderation! xD

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    1. Well I couldn’t resist picking up one of the pet stockings but I knew full well that my cats would have no interest in them (being cats and so very particular with what they will and will not touch – there must be some pattern to it but I’ve yet to figure it out! xD)

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