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Sloth Stickers and Envelope Decorating

     Hey, sometimes good things come from forgetting that you put sticker paper in your printer!

     Is that a little too specific?

     I’ve been working on revamping my Etsy shop recently and part of that revamp involved making a new banner and logo for the shop. I figured having a sort of mascot for my shop might be a good idea so I brainstormed cute animals I could draw and came up with sloths. I like sloths and they’re fairly easy to draw, I also thought the sloth imagery worked well with the shop name – IdleHourCrafts, you know, because sloths are idle?

     Well, having drawn something, I wanted to print it out because sometimes I find it easier to tell if there’s something wrong with my drawing when it’s on paper verses on a screen. I hit the print button and headed off to collect it from my printer only to discover on getting there that it was on sticker paper and not the cheap printer paper I thought it would print out on.

     I was a bit annoyed at first. I figured I’d cut it out to use it as a sticker seeing as it was on sticker paper and all but I didn’t really know what to do with it.

     Then I started to wonder – what would this look like on an envelope?

     I grabbed a large (A5ish size) kraft envelope and stuck it down, though it was a bit big so part of the blanket ended up wrapping around the back.


     I actually think it looks really cute on an envelope! A little big but that’s because it was unplanned. I might actually print a few more sloths out on sticker paper (a little smaller) and decorate a whole bunch for my snail mail!

     I also accidentally printed out some smaller versions on sticker paper as well. They were tricky to cut out and I had nowhere to put them so they ended up being stuck on my drawing tablet as it was the closest thing on hand.

      All in all, a happy result from some forgetfulness!


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