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Coasters – Stamping on Stone Tiles

    So we all know how much I enjoy making coasters, like these these stone tile coasters decorated with napkins, or these these wood disk tile coasters. Well, I have another coaster craft for you.

     Stamping on stone tiles:


     I stumbled across this idea during one of my YouTube binge fests and I love it because it’s such a quick craft to do but the end result is lovely. All you need are some stone tiles and some Stazon ink. I haven’t tried any other ink. I saw that everyone was using Stazon ink as it’s designed for all surfaces so that’s what I got.


     For this, I cleaned the dust off the tiles with using a wet wipe. Actually, that was probably the most time-consuming part of this craft!

     I laid out the tiles and I used my A5 steampunk stamp to stamp several of them at one. Because I was using a large stamp on an uneven surface, I missed parts of the tiles. In some spots it works because it kind of looks like that’s part of the stamp pattern but in any of the parts that were too empty, I used the smaller, individual matching stamps to fill in the gaps.


 photo-stone-tile-coasters-2    And that’s pretty much it! I let the ink dry for a bit and gave the tiles another wipe of a wet wipe to make sure no ink would come off during cleaning.

     I did add a cork backing to the tiles to finish them off and prevent the coasters from damaging surfaces. If you don’t have sticky back cork board (what I used), some felt would do.

     All that’s left to do after that, if they’re a gift for someone, is to wrap them up. I opted for some bakers twine and a simple tag attached with a mini peg with mine.


     If it’s not a gift for someone else but is instead something you’re making for yourself, all that’s left to do is make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy your new coaster!

     Like I said, this is a really simple and quick craft to do but it’s great for putting stamps to use on things other than paper crafts!


15 thoughts on “Coasters – Stamping on Stone Tiles

  1. These are simple and gorgeous! I love them how they are, but I wonder if that ink comes in different colors? I think yellow/gold would look lovely on the gears. Maybe I’ll try it out one day! HA!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yes, you can get Stazon ink in a bunch of different colours! A yellow/gold colour could be nice. I also want to try get a light grey colour and see if you can get a tone on tone stamping effect on the tiles.

      Liked by 1 person

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