Planner Sticker Storage Solution (Video)

    What’s the best way to store stickers?

     That really is a question I have asked myself so many times I’ve lost count and I’m fairly certain it’s a question that every planner nerd out there has to face at some point! Finding a good sticker storage solution gets really hard when you start to build up a sticker collection – not that you even need that many stickers to make it a tricky problem!

     My sticker storage solution is to use photo albums.


     This is just a standard photo album that you can pick up in loads of different kind of stores and the pockets in it hold 10x15cm photos – that’s 4×6 inches for those who prefer imperial measurements. I happened to get this one in a local craft store for about €7 and I thought it was really pretty. Actually, I had intended to get the one for 5×7 inch photos but I picked up the smaller size by accident. It still works though so it’s not too big of an issue.


     Smaller sticker sheets are often 4×6 in size so they fit perfectly into the pockets but with bigger ones, I do have to cut the sticker sheets in half to get them to fit. This isn’t too much of a problem for me.

     I have my stickers divided into type so I have weekly kits, icon stickers, boxes etc. I simply used some white address stickers folding in half along the top to separate out the sections, making it easier for me to flip to them.


     And that’s my planner sticker storage solution. It’s a pretty simple storage solution but it works quite well for me. Sometimes I’ll decorate my planner at my desk, where I keep the photo album, but other times I’ll want to decorate my planner in front of the tv so it’s handy just having to grab the one folder and be able to easily flick through the pages without damaging the stickers.

     The pictures might make it a little tricky to image how it actually looks to use a photo album as my sticker storage so I also recorded a video talking about it if you want to check that out:

     But that’s that for my sticker storage. Maybe this will give you an idea of how to store your stickers.

     How do you store your stickers?


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