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January 2017 Incoming Snail Mail

     Is January over already? It seems like the month passed by way too quickly!

     It being the first Wednesday of February (and the first day of February at that), I guess it’s time to take a look at the incoming snail mail I had over the course of the month.

     Where to start…

photo-january-2017-incoming-christmas     How about with this Christmas mail from Sarah over at A Bit of Glue and Paper. This was a lovely surprise! Firstly, she makes such nice cards! Those candy canes, they’re just so darn cute! Secondly, I love the way she packaged up all the little goodies in those envelopes to make a kind of envelope pouch (the goodies were very much appreciated too!).

     I’ll definitely have to borrow that envelope idea for future snail mail.

     Onto some happy mail I bought for myself now – my La Papierre subscription:


     Regular readers of my blog know how much I love the La Papierre subscription – why wouldn’t you like getting a selection of pretty and cute letter paper sent to you every month? Sadly, this will be my last La Papierre mail for a while because I cancelled my subscription as I’m working to save a bit of money. It’s not that it’s an expensive subscription – I get the two sheets of six designs with matching envelopes for only €14 (including P&P) but cutting down on every bit of spending helps! (But let’s just say my saving starts from February onward and ignore how much I spent in January!).

     Here are some close ups of a few of the designs I got last month (I think I know where that first one will be going!):

photo-january-2017-incoming-doctor-who-scarf     Just as the month was ending, I got an awesome Christmas present from my pen pal Laura over in the Netherlands. She knitted me the most amazing scarf ever – it’s a doctor who scarf! It’s got the tardis, daleks, cybermen, weeping angels and more featured on it. I really do love it. She also sent me some chocolate – I really love Dutch chocolate. It’s probably no different to Irish chocolate but we definitely can’t get giant chocolate letters (alphabet, not snail mail!) here.

     From amazing mail to a returned letter now, one of the letters that arrived for me last month was actually one of my own, a letter I had sent to my pen pal in France. It was marked as the address being either illegible (which it most definitely wasn’t) or inaccessible. I checked and I did write the address down right it’s where I’ve sent several other letters so I’m not too sure about what happened. Oh well!


     On the topic of mail mishaps, last month a letter from Stephanie over in Germany arrived without any stamps! Now I know there were very clearly stamps on the envelope when it was sent out (and lovely ones at that) as I saw the picture she posted over on her blog here. It seems though that the stamps and envelope decided to go their separate ways at some point during the travelling period!


     And while speaking of stamps, here are some lovely stamps that did arrive last month to finish off this post:

4 thoughts on “January 2017 Incoming Snail Mail

  1. Huh, the case of the disappearing stamps. Weird!

    I once had a letter sent back from America with a note saying the PO Box didn’t belong to that person. I e-mailed her to confirm, and I had everything right so I sent it out again and that time it magically arrived!

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    1. Strange things do happen with mail from time to time – like when a letter an american pen pal sent me was missent to Belieze instead of Ireland by the postal services – it’s one of the lovable but sometimes frustrating things about snail mail!


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