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Missing Socks Board Housewarming Gift

     So, this craft idea came from my sister. She spotted something similar in a shop but it cost €25. Looking at it, she figured it was something I might be able to try make so she told be about it and I promptly looked up Pinterest to get an idea of what she was on about.

     In fact, it did look like something I could make, so I made one – a missing socks board!


     What you need for this is: a frame, a few wooden pegs, glue, a pouch of some sort and paint and paintbrush.

     I started with a cheap frame that I bought in The Range that I took the glass out of. The frame was white so I thought a white and grey look would be nice. I painted the backing board of the frame with grey chalk paint and also painted three wooden pegs white. My paint job on the pegs was a little messy so I did add some washi tape to them to cover up.


     When the paint was dry, I plotted out where I would stick everything and paint my words. I used a pencil to leave some marks to remind me. For the ‘missing socks’ and ‘& other unclaimed property’, I looked for a font I liked online, printed the words out and then traced them on tracing paper so I could trace them again onto the board and then I painted them. A little time consuming but it ensured my lettering was neater! I know it’s still not that neat but that’s because I’m really not good with paint! I painted the lettering with white paint but then I actually used a silver gel pen to do the shadowing on the letters.


     With that done, I set to gluing everything down. The pegs were easy to glue to the board with some liquid glue. I had a little bit more trouble with the bag though. At first, I used some double sided sticky tape but it wasn’t strong enough so then I brought out the hot glue gun for the edges which worked. although it burned me in the process as it seeped through the fabric as I was pushing it down into the glue. Just a word of warning – be careful with hot, glue, it’s very hot!


     And that’s pretty much it with this craft! It’s a pretty straightforward one to make and would be a great gift for someone, especially if it was a housewarming gift.

20 thoughts on “Missing Socks Board Housewarming Gift

  1. I love this! What a great idea. And yes, hot glue guns and I have had many arguements over the years. I accidentally walked on my hot glue gun quite soon after I turned it off. It was old and it seeped glue even when you weren’t pressing the trigger. Ended up with a huge blister under my little toe. Oh my word did that hurt!!! I have never left my hot glue gun on my floor again!!!

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    1. LOL. Just for a second, as I read “Especially so when there’s a ….” I honestly thought you were going to say ‘a glass of wine in it’. LOLOLOL.

      Aw Emma … I’m giggling away to myself here. Bless your beautiful heart.
      Heaps of squidges ~ Cobs. x 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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