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Personal Planner – Weekly Spread Catch-ups and Plan with Me Video

     I had plans for this post to just be a quick weekly spread post with a short plan with me video but then I realised something: I am soooo behind on showing my planner pages here!

     Because I’ve been writing more about my A5 planner, my blog planning and other planner topics, I haven’t been looking at my person planner every week and so I think I’m almost a month behind on it! I’m going to show you the planner pages for this week along with the video I made but I’m also going to backtrack a bit to last month and show you some of the planner pages I’d have skipped otherwise (and the rest I’ll show in the next planner post so as not to overload this one!).

     I’ll start with the January weekly spreads. Here is my spread for the week starting January 9th:


     Still being the middle of winter I decided to use up my blue planner stickers with their icy cold feel – not that it’s been that cold here! I just want to use these colour schemes while they seem in place with the season!

     I really like the colours of this kit together. The dark blue goes really well with the minty shade and I love it in the full size boxes. Unfortunately, the dark blue is a little dark for writing on – black pen doesn’t show up too well on it.

     With the blue from that week being a bit dark, I decided to lighten things up a bit for the following week, starting January 16th, with a pink and gold spread:


     Again, pink isn’t usually my go to colour and neither is gold actually but they do go really nicely together and I love this sticker kit – especially the polka dot stickers!

     I also got a change during this week to use some of the mail related planner stickers my sister for me for Christmas! They’re super cute – I love that mail box. Their from PemberleyPrints on Etsy, if you’re interested in them.

     On a side note, this was a really good week because:


     I got to go to IKEA! And, the zoo! What could make for a better day than the zoo and IKEA?

     Okay, those are two planner spreads from a few weeks ago. I’ll skip a few weeks now and get to this weeks planner spread (I’ve said ‘week’ way too many times in this post):


     I’ve used this sticker kit a few times before but I bought it again recently just because I love it that much – I think it’s my favourite one. I just love the purple and blue colours so much! I also kept my decorating fairly simple for this week too, I didn’t use as many stickers as I usually do.

     For anyone interested, here is the quick plan with me video for this spread – it is quick and don’t worry, there’s no me talking in it, just some nice music to a sped of video so as not to waste too much of your time!

     And that’s that for this post. I hope that’s been enough planner for you to last you the week!


10 thoughts on “Personal Planner – Weekly Spread Catch-ups and Plan with Me Video

    1. Thanks 🙂 Hmm, more masculine designs – a bit tricky! Now that I think of it, a good chunk of my sticker kits are floral. I get most of my stickers from an Irish store on Etsy called PrettyCraftyStickers. I know she sells some kits that are feature patterns rather than flowers and I guess with patterns is just depends on whether you like the colours or not because really they’re not masculine or feminine designs – it probably just depends on how you use them. If you’re looking for more darker colours and patterns, PemberleyPrints on Etsy has a few I know of like The Lord of the Rings one or the Sherlock kit which are worth check out even if you’re not a fan, especially the Sherlock one because it doesn’t have too many stickers really relating to Sherlock in it.
      Other than that, can’t help too much, sorry! It’s probably a matter of checking a lot of Etsy stores yourself until you find kits you can make work for you – preparing for planner decorating can be time consuming!

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