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January 2017 Outgoing Snail Mail

 photo-january-2017-outgoing-notecards     To tell you the truth, I actually only sent out two lots of mail in January, one on the 17th and the other on the 27th! That doesn’t sound like much but don’t worry, there was about 9 pieces of mail sent out in total between those two lots so I do have content for my blog!

     I’m calling the first lot of mail my notecard lot as three of the four pieces that I sent out were notecards to thank people and say congrats about moving into a new house.

     The butterfly notecard is from an old pack I had that was made by Docrafts. It’s from an old range so I imagine you can’t get them anymore. The floral one is from a set I picked up in TK Maxx for fairly cheap and the final one…I’m gonna say that Keely sent me that one a while back but I may be getting that wrong (hopefully not though!). To my pen pal who recently moved into her new home, I managed to also fit a banner into the small envelope that when you unfold it says ‘let’s stay home’. I thought it was appropriate! It came in the Flow Book for Paper Lovers from 2015 and I wasn’t using it so it was nice to send it off to a new (hopefully loving!) home.

     My second lot of mail is the letter lot. I was finally catching up on the letters piling up on my desk – though there’s still quite a number, I only actually go to half of it!


     I went with a variety of envelope designs and sizes! The sloth one is the one I showed you a few weeks ago and it’s heading off to America. The purple one with the 20s style ladies is a La Papierre design set that I’ve had for a while. It’s heading off to the UK. Two of the envelopes are decorated using washi tape but the great thing about that is using different washi tapes leads to completely different looks! The vintage brown colour one is also heading off to America and the colourful floral one was for just up the road (just the next county over). As for the final envelope, that is courtesy of the Flow Book for Paper Lovers volume 4 and was sent off to Germany.

     I love being able to put together a matching set. How cool is the phone pattern? I think it falls under the category of retro now those phones do…I feel a little old…


     I chose the envelope from the book, cut it out, folded it up and glued it. Then, as the book is well thought out, I found the matching paper of which there were two sheets – they feature a phone in the corner and blank space on one side and the other side is covered in the same repeating phone pattern as the envelope. There were also matching stickers to seal envelopes so I grabbed one of those and simply because it went with the theme, I also added in a postcard!


     One of the envelopes I decorated with washi tape was an envelope that was actually meant for a notecard. At some point I must have used an envelope without the notecard because I had two so I decided to write my letter on them rather than on paper. Just to make the letter flow easier, I taped the notecards together so one could fold into the other rather than have two separate notecards which could be confusing.

     And finally, to finish up my post on January’s outgoing snail mail, I have a round-up of some pictures of stamps I used for my mail:

     Which is your favourite stamp?


16 thoughts on “January 2017 Outgoing Snail Mail

    1. Thanks! What I write about in my letters? I write about all sorts of things – what I’ve been getting up since the last letter (usually not much) or what I’ve been reading. I talk about books with a lot of my pen pals which is great because it’s not something I usually talk about with the friends around me. There’s usually something interesting you can find to talk about – or ramble about because I often just ramble in my letters about random thoughts I have, often in relation to the use of language! xD

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