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Wood Disk Coasters

     Okay, this is a cheat craft because I didn’t actually make them but it’s a quick one if you’re stuck for a present for someone!

      Wooden disk coasters:


     Ages back, I was in the craft store with my mom, browsing – not looking for anything in particular – when my mom spotted this pack of 12 wood disks and said ‘you could turn these into coasters – there’s 12 in this pack, that’s 3 sets of coasters’. Well, I thought that was a great idea so of course I picked them up, they were only a few euro after all.

     I thought for a bit about how I could play with them when eventually it hit me – why mess with these, they’re pretty as they are! So instead I set my mind to how to wrap them. Being wood disks, twine seemed best and white obviously wouldn’t work for tags to I dug some kraft card out of my stash.


     I punched a tag out of the kraft stock but that didn’t seem like enough so I found some patterned kraft card which I punched another tag from along with a heart , stuck the heart onto the plain kraft tag, tied everything up and voila! A perfectly good gift for someone.

     Sometimes, the easy way is the best way to do things!

8 thoughts on “Wood Disk Coasters

  1. This reminds me of the year, I took the sawed-off end of the Christmas tree…. it was not real thick, was just shaved off the base of the tree, so the tree could drink water from the stand… it had a knot-hole, so I strung it onto a piece of twine and gave it to the tree owner at Christmas, as an ornament.
    They LOVED it!
    Wonderful post, ren

    Liked by 1 person

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