My January 2017 A5 Inserts

     I know, it’s February and I’m only now showing you the January inserts I drew for my A5 planner! Well, just imagine that it says February as I have kept the layout pretty much the same for February as I think it’s working for me – hopefully another month of use will say for sure!photo-january-a5-planner-inserts-1

     So, I start my month with a title page. I keep it fairly simple, just writing the name of month (that’s just my normal joint writing, well, slightly neater!). I did get fancy for January and make a wreath of sorts for it – I drew a circle and lines poking out from it, so fancy!


     Turning the page, we move onto the actual calendar section of the month. I love how grid views look but they never seem to work for me so list view is the one I ended up going with. I have it divided up into three sections. On the left, I list things that happen that day, like if I meet up with something, if I order something or if something arrives in the post. In the middle I list money things, like when my Netflix payment goes out, and on the right I list holidays, like New Year’s, birthdays or full day trips.

     I used to have my language tracking and exercise tracking in different sections but I’d always forget to fill the information in. Having moved the daily tracking stuff to here, I find it much easier to remember to fill it in at the end of the day. Here’s a close-up:


     Turning the page again, we have my money section:


     This is for keeping track of what I buy, when I buy it and for how much. I know I can easily track my online purchase with my online banking but when I use cash, which I always do in shops, it’s easy to not pay attention and look back at the end of the day thinking ‘where did my money go?’. I’ve also blocked out another section for listing only the things relating to my Etsy shop and craft materials so I can get my head around how much goes to that. Also, in the bottom right corner, I have a section for noting how much money I started the month with verses how much I ended the month with.

     The final pages for the month are for goals and tracking.


     On the left, I have my space for tracking my weight and my Dutch score on Duo-lingo – with the hope that my weight will be going down and my Dutch going up at the end of the month! It’s good to list a few small goals for every month so here’s where I have them along with a small notes section for things to make sure to add into next month (as I tend not to make my inserts until the end of the month).

     I’ve also added into my planner a page just for tracking incoming and outgoing mail to pen pals. For my outgoing mail, I also plan on keeping track of the cost. I have no idea how much I spend at the moment on stamps per month so this will be a useful thing to know!

     There are pros and cons to having inserts like this that I draw myself. It does take time to make them and it can be a bit annoying, especially if you mess up the dates on the calendar section. However, it does give you a lot of freedom to experiment as you can track whatever you want, however you want and if it doesn’t work for you one month, just drop it.

     How do you feel about making your own inserts?


10 thoughts on “My January 2017 A5 Inserts

    1. I found once I knew how to get it to print correctly it was actually quite easy. I just keep checking the print preview of it. I keep meaning to do up a “how-to” but it’s on my list 😉 oh and print a tester page and make adjustments accordingly, but generally if I’m fitting 2 to a page and print double sided it works great and saves the time of drawing it all up 😉

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    2. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully if I print things for my A5 planner it’ll go a lot easier than when I tried to print some dashboards for my personal size planner because that was so hard to line things up with double sided printing! 🙂

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