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Sewing Infinity Scarves

     Let me just start this post by saying – I am not good at sewing! I barely know how to use a sewing machine (if anything goes slightly wrong with it I’m screwed) and I don’t actually know how to sew by hand. Still, making scarves is something I like to do because it’s pretty straightforward.

photo-sewing-scarves-5     Back when I got my sewing machine, I also stocked up on fabrics so I could make things. I made one scarf for my sister for Christmas (2015) and followed this up by not using my sewing machine for about 10 months.

     Not so good for learning!

     Well, before Christmas when I was taking stock of my craft supplies, I stumbled across my fabric and was determined to make use of it so out came the sewing machine!

     I like making long infinity scarves so you can wrap them around twice and still have them loose because these kinds of scarves are less for warmth and more for fashion so you want them to not be tight at all.

     Thankfully, making a scarf is not a complicated task – I used this YouTube video to learn how to do it.

     I had two different fabrics, one bight and colourful and one with anchors, and ended up making two scarves of each.

     As I said, making the scarf was straightforward – sew in a straight line (although I do struggle with this). Unfortunately, to finish it off you have to hand stitch it – definitely not my strong point!


     My hand stitching needs some work and by some I mean a lot but at least with a scarf like this you can get away with it a bit because it’s such a small section and chances are it’ll be hidden under more fabric when you wrap the scarf around.

     Hopefully my pen pals wont mind my dodgy stitching! I sent three of the scarves off to pen pals (one ended up with my sister). One of these days I’m actually going to make myself a scarf…


25 thoughts on “Sewing Infinity Scarves

  1. I’m new to sewing and I’m constantly looking for new projects. I’ve not tried making a scarf, because I own so many but I would love to make some for others. Thanks for sharing this and the tutorial you used to make your scarves. They look wonderful.

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    1. They’re a great thing to make because they are pretty simple and don’t take too long – plus, I think scarves make great presents to give to people!


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