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Catch Up of Personal Planner Weekly Spreads

     Time to catch up on weekly spreads again! I have three weeks of spreads to show you and then you’ll be caught up to last week.


     This spread from January (23rd to 29th) features the second half of the sticker kit that I used for New Year’s. The sticker kit was a very colourful kit with blue, green, pink, purple, orange and yellow stickers. I ended up just using the green and blue stickers for the week of New Year’s so that left me with the pinks, purples and oranges left. It’s quite a nice sticker kit and I like that I was able to get two completely different spreads from it.


     This spread is from January 30th to February 5th. Back in October, I has a series of red poppy themed spreads that I got from using two different poppy themed sticker kits. One of the kits was a ‘no white space’ type of kit for the EC planners so it had an awful lot of stickers in it. Despite going very sticker heavy in the previous spreads, I still had a lot of stickers left in those kits so for this week I decided to use up what I had – boxes and dots!

photo-planner-pages-february-5     Catching up to last week’s spread, I decided to go for a spring themed tulip spread – I’m hoping my spread might tempt out some early spring weather because it’s been quite cold recently and I’m rather tired of all these strong winds! I doubt it will work but at least the colourful spread helped cheer me up. I do love the pink and green together.

     Of the three spreads here, I think the last one is my favourite. Which is yours?

9 thoughts on “Catch Up of Personal Planner Weekly Spreads

  1. They are all pretty, but I am a sucker for tulips, so the third is my absolute favourite. Let’s hope you have done the trick as regards encouraging Spring to show up!

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    1. nothing wrong with just a bit of washi tape! I use buy planner sticker kits that are well designed to save me the effort and time of having to rummage through what I have to find things that go together – it saves a lot of time! It usually only takes me about 15 minutes to decorate my planner for the week…well, it actually takes me about an hour because I watch tv while I do it 🙂


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