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Craft Room Workspace 2017

     Exciting news guys!

     You might have seen bits of this already if you follow me on Instagram but if you don’t, I have a new craft room!

     Well, new furniture in the same room. Remember my last craft room tour? Well, if you check that, you’ll notice it’s just a desk and some shelves shoved into a small bedroom. Well, I thought, what would a craft room look like if you took out the bed…and also had a shopping trip at IKEA…a somewhat large shopping trip at IKEA…

…It looks a little bit like this:


     A proper new craft room!

     I spent just under €400 kitting out this room. Quite a bit of money but look at how much furniture I got: two shelving units, two desks, a drawer unit and a chair! There were also lots of small things like baskets and such, not pictured here, included in that price. Admittedly, it should have probably been more like €470 for everything but I only realised afterwards when I was looking back over the receipt that I think they forgot to charge for the drawer unit!

     Two desks – isn’t that a bit much? you’re probably thinking. Well, there’s a reason for that – I’ve decided to set the room up with two different workstations. So, this desk and shelf unit is my craft space:photo-empty-craft-room-space-2

     And this desk and shelf unit are my sewing and laptop space:


     It means that I can, for example, have an unfinished craft and all the bits and pieces I need to finish it, on my craft desk for the next crafting day I have, but still have a nice clean desk to lay out fabric on, do some sewing, take some photos or sit at to write some blog posts! In between the two desks is the drawer unit that will house things like glue and tape, all those crafting essentials. It’s a handy drawer unit because it’s on castor wheels so it’s easy to move about and fits under the desk if I ever need to move it out of the way.

     It looks so nice when it’s empty, doesn’t it? It’s full of the promise of an efficient craft room filled with seemingly endless space for supplies…well, now to fill it back up with crap!


     I swear, when everything was on shelves and in drawers, it really didn’t look like I had that much! Obviously I had to move everything out of the craft room so it could be painted and have the furniture put in. Of course, everything had to go back in too! Admittedly, it went a lot quicker than I expected it to go but it was still a 2-3 day task of re-homing everything!

     Eventually, I did get things sorted out:


     Here is my craft space:


     And here is the work station:


     I’m just so happy with my craft room now. It was well worth saving up for! I still have a few things to do – like hang up my corkboard – but it’s essentially finished now.

     You can see a lot of what I have and where it is already just from those two photos as most of the storage is open on those shelves but I’ll give a more detailed craft room tour later on with more information about how I store things.

     Until then, hope you enjoyed this post!

     What would your dream craft room look like?

50 thoughts on “Craft Room Workspace 2017

    1. Definitely put a lot of thought into it before getting anything – I spent a lot of time actually drawing out ideas and thinking through where everything could go to make sure that I was getting enough storage but also not too much that would be a waste of money or that wouldn’t fit.


    2. Ah well I have a few crates I’m using as shelving and some ornate boxes, so I want it to go with those things really. I need some more crates, but I don’t know if the company I got them from is still going! I shall have to find out!!

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