Personal Size Filofax – Blog Planning Part II

     So last month I showed you the blog planning section of my planner which features the Filofax week per page inserts where I write the blog topics to write in the space for the day they’ll go out on, along with some information for the post. You can check that post out here but as a reminder, it looks like this:


     There is, however, an important second part to my blog planning and that is the ideas space. The weekly spread above is for the posts that have days to go out on but this next section is just for ideas of posts. Sometimes, the ideas are for things like crafts I haven’t even made yet, let alone planned but it’s good to have a space to list these. When I start looking to plan out and schedule my posts for the month, I reference these pages for post ideas that I can then schedule in the weekly view section.

     Sometimes I’ll look and see a post idea for a craft I haven’t made but I’ll decide that it would make a good topic to write about that month so I put it in my blog schedule and then it forces me to actually get around to making that thing.


     These are just the standard Filofax note pages that came with the week per page set that I bought at the start of the year. I divided the pages up so different post themes each have a corner. The sections I have are: planner topics, snail mail topics, craft topics and other (in case I ever want to post something that isn’t planner, snail mail or craft related). I write the ideas on sticky notes and then use bits of washi tape to help keep them down because the sticky notes aren’t very sticky.


photo-more-blog-planning-2017-1     Possibly on the bit more extreme side of planning that most people keeping a casual blog (or two) don’t need is my page for the topic schedule.

     I just really like routines so I came up with a timetable. I have my simple schedule of planner posts on Mondays, snail mail on Wednesdays and crafts on Fridays to ensure I keep a balance of the topics, but within these I have a sub schedule of sorts so that on the first Monday of the month, I post a planner post about my weekly spread but on the second Monday of the month I write about my A5 planner.

     Like I said, a bit of an extreme for planning a blog, maybe, but I like to know I’m not neglecting topics and that they’re spread out! But it’s not set in stone so if needs be I will deviate from these posting plans.

     Well, that’s all for my blog planner! It’s nothing too hard to put together so hopefully it might give other bloggers/planner nerds out there ideas for how to organise and plan your blog!


2 thoughts on “Personal Size Filofax – Blog Planning Part II

  1. Thank you for sharing these ideas. It has given me an idea to organize my blog posts. I used to have it all over the place. My question is, how do you find topics to talk about? How do you figure out what to talk about each day you blog?

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    1. Glad I could give you some ideas!
      As far as topics go, there’s a number that I write about every month like my incoming and outgoing snail mail or showing the stickers I’ve used for my weekly planner spreads. Those take up about half my posts for the month so I don’t have to worry about coming up with too many new topics. As for other topics, I just make a lot of things and want to blog about them so those fill up the rest of the days! I’ve got quite a stockpile of crafts to blog about 🙂


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