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February 2017 – Incoming Snail Mail

     Hey everyone – did you know we’re one sixth of the way through 2017 already? That’s 16.66% for those of you who prefer percentages to fractions. Where is this year going? I need to speed up my pace for getting things done and knock one or two things off my goals list for the year!

     March has just started now so I do believe spring should be starting (although I believe someone forgot to inform mother nature about that). February was a pretty cold, wet and windy month though so looking at the winter stamps on the letter I got from Keely didn’t seem too out of place.


     This letter look a while to get to me – she wrote the letter on St. Stephen’s Day (or Boxing Day depending on where you are – does anyone else call it St. Stephen’s Day? My guess is historically Catholic countries would but I could be wrong about that) and sent it from her home island of Hawaii but I only got this at the start of February. I can’t blame the letter too much. I imagine if I was in Hawaii, I’d  be reluctant to leave it too, especially if my destination was Ireland!

     I got some happy mail in February in the form of zines from Nyx over at SeaGreenZines:


     Nyx had written a blog post about having a sale in her etsy shop in order to raise funds to help pay for her cats medical expenses. As someone who lives with 5 cats, I don’t like hearing about a cat in need and understand how pricey things can be so I went and bought some zines – of course, I did get some good zines in exchange for my good deed of spending money, I really do recommend her zines to everyone!

     I knew that last piece of happy mail would be arriving for me but this next piece from Emma over in the UK was a real (happy) surprise:


     Having read about how I hadn’t gotten much mail back in January, she sent me something to brighten up February’s mail! I love the notebook with the flower on it. I’m keeping it on the table next to me for jotting down Japanese, Dutch and Italian phrases of use that I come across. Even the paper of the envelope is lovely – I’ll definitely be popping it in my stash for use in some future project!

     And of course, I did get some valentine’s mail in February.

     A few pen pals went with a valentines theme for their letters. I do love a themed mail! I don’t seem to do themed mails too much – often because the paper I write my letters on rarely actually matches any mail art I do. I should try more often though because a theme is nice.

     Hmm, if I send mail out in March, people might expect me to do a St. Patrick’s day theme…

     And finally for my incoming mail in February (that I remembered to photograph), a postcard!


     I finally got back into postcrossing last month. One of my postcards arrived and very soon after I got sent this lovely postcard from France from a girl who had actually been to Limerick before (first time a postcrosser who’s been to Ireland has mentioned being to Limerick!) – she even spent a semester studying at the same university I went to, while I was studying there!

     Well, that’s all for February’s mail.

      Oh, before I forget, as I seem to be making a habit of it, I’ll end this post with some close ups of the stamps from this round of mail:


5 thoughts on “February 2017 – Incoming Snail Mail

  1. Yay! Lovely to see everything got to you safe and sound. Thank you again so much for helping with Asimov! He’s going really well and has a check up later today. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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