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Personal Planner Weekly Spreads (with video)

      Okay guys, it’s a Monday so it’s time to catch up on my weekly spreads. I believe I have three weeks of spreads to catch up on (and a video of one of those) so let’s get too it!

     First up, two weeks ago and a reprise of my Lord of the Rings stickers which my sister got me for Christmas:


     The last time I used them I talked about liking them in general but not being too fond of how dark the green checklists were. I stand by that. I should have written in white gel pen over those boxes but I only had my black pen on hand. As a result, I couldn’t actually read some of my boxes!


     Although I guess it wasn’t too big a deal not being able to read some of the boxes because that week actually turned out to be a bad week for planning in general for me – I was feeling a bit overwhelmed (not even sure by what) and ended up just throwing the week out and spending my time reading and watching youtube videos instead. So I didn’t end up following my planner at all!

     In an attempt to improve on the previous week, I opted for something brighter to motivate me and ended up returning to the tulip sticker set I used not too long ago:


     Usually I try not to use a sticker kit so soon again but I just really liked it last time! Plus, the kit had a bunch of icon stickers in it that were going to be useful for me for that particular week.


     Unfortunately, there wasn’t a pancake sticker though for Tuesday!

     Okay, onto the video of my planner decorating for last week now:

     Have you watched it? Don’t worry, it’s a short video and you don’t have to listen to me talk! Also, I forgot to actually take a picture of my planner so if you do want to see my pages, you have to watch the video (or just skip to the end!)

     By the way, what do you think about plan with me videos? Should I keep doing these short videos every now and again?


9 thoughts on “Personal Planner Weekly Spreads (with video)

    1. Good to hear! Hopefully by seeing the process start to finished, the idea of decorating a planner doesn’t seem so intimidating. I know when I first started seeing all the pretty planners on Instagram, I was like ‘how are they making their planners so pretty! I could never do that!’ xD

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  1. I think it’s good that you started fresh the next week after getting a little overwhelmed, that’s the secret.
    And your videos helped me realise I need something similar for myself. I’m quite a visual person and plain pages blur out of focus after not too long

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    1. I do find that having my pages decorated helps me actually focus on what I need to do and even helps me remember what I have to do without looking at my planner because I can visual it in my mind so much easier rather than just trying to remember what I had written on a plain page!
      Decorating each week differently to the one before also really helps with emphasising that ‘a new week is a fresh start’ feel, I find at least. So many advantages of stickers!

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