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February 2017 – Outgoing Snail Mail

     Okay guys, February was a really good month for my outgoing snail mail! I emptied my pen pal mail pile (I did get two new letters from pen pals on the 28th but that was the last day of the month so doesn’t really count!), send out two cards for postcrossing and even participated in three swap-bot swaps!

     Let’s start with the postcards.


     I sent the sheep card to America and the comet one to Ukraine. The American postcrosser had nothing written on her profile so she got a generic tourist card with a pretty basic message about who I am and what part of the country I’m from – what else was I meant to say? In contrast, the person from Ukraine had a well filled out profile about things they liked so I was inspired to actually make a postcard!

     Okay, swap-bot now – I participated in a swap to send some flat goodies in a decorated envelope:

     I’m happy with how my envelope came out. I started with an A5 size kraft envelope and cut down a colouring book page to fit one the front. I used some washi tape to cover up the border as the page was too small for the full front of the envelope. Instead of colouring the flowers, I used some die-cut images that looked a bit like those in the picture. I covered everything in mod podge to keep things in place and used a die-cut frame and some sticky labels for a space to write the address.

     One of the other swaps I took part in was to send different types of goodies but that didn’t mean I couldn’t also have a nice envelope:


     The image comes from a World Heritage magazine that I cut up – it’s a bit of a sneak peak of a future mail art post I’ll have up looking at all the envelopes I made from a single magazine!

     And now onto letters off to pen pals!

     Between doodling on kraft envelopes, decorating with tape, using calendar pages, using premade notecards and putting together envelopes from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers, I think I had a good mix of mail!

     One of my pen pals has a birthday in February so I had to quickly make a card for that:


     It was a bit of a simple and rushed card but I really wish I had more of that paper I used because it looks so good against the kraft cardstock!


     The above package was sent off to Keely in America. It’s an undecided theme – the outside is a magical fairy garden and the inside is unicorns (what are narwhals really if not just sea unicorns?)

     Okay, I had so much outgoing mail from February that I lost track of what I had photographed so I don’t have pictures of everything but I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I did remember to photograph!

     And as always, some close ups of the stamps from this lot of mail!:


6 thoughts on “February 2017 – Outgoing Snail Mail

  1. It has occurred to me today (always a bit late to realise) that nice envelopes just might make a postie’s job a bit brighter too. I bet these brighten the day of more people than the recipient.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like to think they do anyway, just because it’s so unusual to see such brightly coloured mail! Most mail these days are bills and packages of online purchases and even when people send cards, the envelopes tend to be plain. The world needs more nice things…like envelopes! xD

      Liked by 1 person

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