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Craft Room Tour 2017

     It’s craft room tour time everyone!

     The week before I showed you some pictured of my craft room but now, come and take a closer peek into my magical wonderland:


     It’s actually a bit hard to know where to start with this tour. I guess will look to the left first, to my crafty corner:


     Here, I have the 4×4 Kallax unit from IKEA with the Kallax desk attached. Along the bottom shelves, I have the cheap baskets you can get (they cost €3 each). I originally planned on just having grey ones but I couldn’t find enough of them so I picked up some blue as well and I’m glad I did – I like the splash of colour. In the box on the left, I’m storing all my tools like glue guns and heat guns – things that need to be plugged in. Next to that box is a box full of random supplies I didn’t know where else to put, the third one in is full of wooden and styrofoam shapes for altering and the last box is for things like canvases.


     On the second row, I have my folder of stickers and my die-cut folders being minded by a cute panda teddy that I got in IKEA. The second square is home to a box of goodies – miscellaneous embellishments. I have a pinboard (which wasn’t up yet when I took these pictures) and every now and again I’ll take a few pieces from my miscellaneous box and pin them up so I can see them easier which will encourage me to use them. Next up is another box – this one is full of miscellaneous Christmas supplies though. By the way, the boxes come from a wine store – my twin works in one and when the wine is delivered in nice boxes, she’ll bring the boxes home for me. That’s why I have quite a few wooden wine boxes hanging out my craft room! Anyway, the final square shelf, the one on the very inside, is stuffed with my bag of pillow stuffing. I don’t use it too much so I don’t mind it being a bit awkward to get to.


     Above desk level, I have my embellishment square (bottom left) where I store jars of things like buttons and ribbons and my stamping square (bottom right) where I keep my stamp folders. On top, I have my paper squares. The one on the left is for imperial sizes – 12×12, 8×8 and 6×6 inch packs of card and paper – and on the right is my metric square – A4, A5 and A6 – card and paper. As you can see, I’m using magazine holders on their side to keep the different sizes separated.


     And above desk level, next to the desk, I have my die-cutting and embossing square – folders for storing my dies and embossing folders will be coming soon! – and a drawer insert. The top drawer holds small things I’ve made that I haven’t given to anyone yet and the bottom one holds cards I’ve made. The square on the top left hold card. There’s a magazine holder for just white card, one for coloured card and one for card bases. The final square of this unit hold my sketchpads and also pieces of cardboard that I get from packaging which might be useful for making something someday.

     As for the desk itself:


     I’m trying to keep it clutter free for the most part. I have my cutting mats – one’s clean and one is covered in glue. I have my A4 trimmer, some drawers filled with bits and pieces, a container I’m using as my desktop bin and a tile I’m using for somewhere to put my cup of tea.


     On the wall behind my desk, I have this handy rail with pots for storing scissors, pens, tools and such. Above it is the previously mentioned pinboard though as you can see, it wasn’t put up yet for this photo. I also have a cat bed in my craft room though so far, no cats have been very interesting in it. I live in hope though. Oh, I also got some of those easy to attach sticky back hooks for circular knitting needles.

     Onto the middle section of my craft and we have the Alex drawer unit:

     Top to bottom: ink pads and wood block stamps, embossing powders and washi tapes, tapes and glue, punches and staplers, paints and brushes, ribbon.

     Many of the drawers look quite empty but that just means I have room to grow! On top of the unit, I have my scoring board, some punch boards and also different kinds of boards like a glass chopping board, just in case I need something like that!


     Onto the final part of my craft room now, my work station as I call it:


     On top of the desk, it’s pretty simple – I have my printer, a lamp and a small jar of fake flowers because I just didn’t know where else to put it really. I have my IKEA sewing machine tucked away in the square at desk level so it’s out of the way but easy to pull out when I need it. Next to that, I have some magazine holders filled with things like printer paper, sticker paper, envelopes, plastic pockets and laminating pouches – kinda boring stuff!


     On top, I have a square for any craft related books I have and might get in the future and finally, the fabric square – with fabric layered in a way so hopefully I’ll actually see what I have! I also have my mini sewing machine there.

     I forgot to photograph the bottom shelves but that’s where I’m storing my light box. I also have a box filled with tissue paper.

     But that’s my craft room! This has been quite a long and picture heavy post. Apologies for that! I hope you’ve still enjoyed my craft room tour though. I know a lot of people might not have the space or money for something like this but hopefully there’s been something here that you can take away for your own craft space, no matter how big or small it is!


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