February in my A5 Planner

      Taking a bit of a break from Geo, my personal planner, it’s time to peak at my monthly spread for February in my A5 planner.

     I always start with a title page for the month because that way I can have the monthly view section all on one page without the name of the month taking up room there. While looking at this photo I took of February though, I realised that my F looks like a J…and also kind like a T…and it could also be an L…it’s a multi-functional letter, that’s just how I write!

     Seeing as February is a shorter month, I was able to fit all 28 days onto the left hand page, meaning I had room on the right to fit my exercise and language tracking there along with my monthly goals. Before, I had my language tracking in a different section of my planner but moving it to the monthly section made a big difference. It really did! Not having to flick to pages all over my planner meant I was much more likely to remember to fill it in. Being able to just add it into the monthly section to try out is one of the really handy things about making your own inserts on a monthly basis!

     Moving the language and exercise tracking to February was the big change in terms of layout because my money tracking is pretty much the same as all the previous months:

     Usually, I might have my monthly goals and things to do on the last page of the monthly section but as I squeezed them under the tracking, I had an empty page to play with. I decided to use it to track my incoming and outgoing snail mail for the month. I had a similar insert for January mail tracking, but it wasn’t with the rest of the month. It made a lot more sense to move it and have it with all the other things specific to that month.

     So, that was my monthly spread for February, hope you liked seeing it!

     You won’t be seeing any more monthly spreads in my A5 planner though. Not because I’ve stopped using monthly spreads, I’ve just moved them out of my planner.

     Wait, does that mean I’ve got a new planner? Well, yes. But it’s not a ring planner! I’ve decided to move my monthly spreads into a Moleskine journal! I was just getting a bit tired of cutting down paper to size and punching holes (also printing out grid paper but I’ve just decided to ignore grids, even in the new Moleskine). I started using my Moleskine this month so hopefully next month I’ll be able to let you know how it’s going.

     I am still using my A5 planner though – don’t worry about that! It still has all the things I’m tracking in it and my bookshelf so it’ll be staying with my for another while!


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