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1 World Heritage Magazine – 23 Envelopes

     I have a huge batch of envelopes to show you today – 23 to give a specific number – all made from one magazine!

     I subscribed to the World Heritage magazine back when I started doing the master’s degree (which I then dropped out from). The magazine comes every few months and is filled with a ton of gorgeous pictures of heritage sites around the world. I do love reading the magazine and looking at the pictures but seeing as I’m not studying that topic anymore, I don’t have too much of a reason to hang onto the issues once I’m finished with them.

     I wouldn’t just throw it away though, not when there’s so much good envelope making and decorating material in one issue!

     All the envelopes you’ll see in this post are from one issue which happened to be a special on World Heritage in Turkey as the World Heritage Committee was held in Istanbul in 2016.

     The first task of making this envelopes to cut up the magazine – a bit of an annoying task but at least it’s something you can do while watching something on tv! I got the magazine and a scissors and spend a while tearing out pages and cutting out images.

     With some pages, there was an image either taking up the top or bottom half of the page so for these, I tore the pages out as carefully as I could and used my trimmer to clean up the tear. I didn’t use any fancy tools at all to make these envelopes – not even a ruler! I just eyed it, folding the paper so that the image would make up the front of the envelope and the text on the rest of the page would be at the back. Some have the opening on the top – each envelope is different!

     I put the envelopes together with a bit of tape and I’ll just have to add a sticky label for the address when it comes to use time.

     The next few envelopes were also really quick makes:

     These were full page pictures and I loved how they looked so much, I didn’t want to fold them up and only show half of them so instead, I just stuck them onto some plain white C4 envelopes I had on hand! The magazine pages are smaller than the envelopes so there’s a white border which kind of makes it look like art work on show! I used washi tape on some but I also really like the one I left without washi tape.

     For these envelopes, I used some white and kraft C5 envelopes as bases:

     Some are parts of images, some are full images covering the whole front of the envelope, some have washi tape, some I added white gel pen dashed lines to – a right mix! Really, it’s the sites themselves and work of the photographers who took the pictures that I’m letting do all the work!

     Now, there were also lots and lots of small images throughout the magazine that I cut out and wanted to use. What I ended up doing was sticking all these pictures on a piece of 12×12 paper, gluing over them as a sealer and then using my envelope punch board to make them into envelopes:

     So even if you have small images, there’s still ways of using them!

     Next time you’re about to throw out a magazine, take a quick look through it and consider if there’s anything in it that can be turned into an envelope – you’d be surprised!


22 thoughts on “1 World Heritage Magazine – 23 Envelopes

  1. I have been using calendar and magazine pages for ages – but these are simply stunning – almost worth subscribing to the magazine 🙂 Our post office lady says she looks forward to my taking in the monthly family letters just to see the ‘unboring’ (to steal the phrase) envelopes. She always takes great care where she places the stamps as well lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heritage and travel magazines – the make great envelopes because of all the gorgeous pictures they’re usually filled with!
      Great to have a post office worker on your side! Always a bit annoying when you spend time making a nice envelope and then the stamp just gets carelessly placed over the nicest part or main image xD


  2. What a great idea for an envelope! I’d love receiving mail with an envelope as beautiful as these. Although I might be afraid to open it for fear of ruining it. I love this idea. How creative!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But that’s the point of mail art really – they’re a temporary piece of art because they’ll get damaged some way in the process of being opened (because what envelope ever survives that process unscathed! I know I wreck envelopes trying to open them) xD

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Honestly, I only really just started sending snail mail again this past Holiday season and never really thought of decorating the envelopes. I don’t know why though, my uncle used to send me the most amazing letters decorated with his artwork on the envelope and I loved it! I really am fascinated with snail mail recently.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I just think it’s really nice to decorate an envelope too because it’s wonderful to see colourful mail pop through the letterbox! I think it also puts a smile on the mail persons face getting to see something out of the ordinary!

      Liked by 1 person

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