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Card Making: Love and Valentine’s

     So I made some cards for Valentine’s Day.

     Yes, I know that was last month. I did actually make them then, I swear, I’m just only getting around to writing a blog post about them now!

     Also, I know that it is St. Patrick’s Day today and I am Irish so it’s probably expected of me to make some Paddy’s Day crafts but I have no idea what I would even make for it that isn’t something just tackily adorned with shamrocks!

     So, yes, I made some Valentine’s and love themed cards to put up in my Etsy shop.

     Making Valentine’s themed cards is hard for me. To start with, I don’t have many supplies – just a few heart dies, a heart punch and a cheap die that say’s ‘with love’ that I bought right before making these cards because I realised I really needed something that said love as I didn’t have anything suitable (although I later realised I did have a stamp that says love which I just completely forgot about).

     I also didn’t have any suitable pink or red card to use so I had to pick that up.

     Really, I’m just always unprepared for the occasion!

     So, with my limit supplies (basically, hearts) and only a few sheets of card, I set about making some cards!

     I used my layering heart dies by taping them together so I could get thinner outlines rather than solid hearts and cut them out in red, black and pink, switching out every second heart so I could have black and red or black and pink. That’s explained terribly but it’s actually a really simple thing to do so (see the pictures for proof!). I also have a die set of scalloped hearts so I used the largest one of that so the outside layer would have a scalloped edge, just to make it more interesting. I die cut the love sentiment and with a pen, drew a line from the bottom of the heart to the top of the ‘l’ in love so it would look a little bit like a balloon.

     The card came out alright but if I were to remake it in the future, I think I’d use a square base and leave out the love sentiment.

      For the third card I made, I kept things simple and heart themed again with some more simple die-cut inlaying:


     I quite like this card but I think it has more to do with the fact that I just really like the white paper with the black and grey speckles. It’s actually came from a pack of Christmas themed paper!

     Because the outside is so simple, I did decide to go a bit over the top with the inside. There’s not too much space to write but I think it looks nice!


     So, sticking with hearts…I have more heart cards! (I need to work on Valentine’s cards that don’t involve hearts because I got a bit tired of them make these!).

     Having seen the hearts coming out of an envelope idea multiple times on Pinterest before, I just went with that, using my heart punch to punch out a whole bunch of different coloured hearts which I then used on the last card of the day to make heart balloons.

     So yup – those are my attempts at Valentine’s cards!

     I definitely need to invest in some interesting stamp sets or something that I can use for valentines and general love cards.

17 thoughts on “Card Making: Love and Valentine’s

  1. They’re all really lovely and have that certain smile woven into them. But my favourite is actually the inside you shared with us, of the one card. That really packs a punch and because it’s not using the typical ‘red’ of Valentines day, it stands out from the norm and looks really designery. Very sleek and beautiful.
    Well done you clever thing! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Ya, does seem hard to do valentines without hearts…I think I need to invest in some cute animal stamps with sentiments full of puns – I keep seeing them around!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh yes, I like them too. There are also some science-based ones I have seen used that are rather good. Jokes about being good chemistry and so on.

      Liked by 1 person

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