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Card Making: New Baby Cards

         Back in January I decided to treat myself to some craft supplies and I came across a web store called Seven Hills Crafts. Well, let me tell you – I fell in love! It’s a UK-based store but it imports all the American brand crafts supplies. It’s great because most of the crafters I follow on YouTube are American and use brands like Lawn Fawn and Altenew – those American brands – which I can’t get here in Ireland and it makes me sad because they’re always such lovely sets! Even if I could have bought those things from the American stores, I wouldn’t have because the postage would be ridiculous and chances are I’d get caught for a nasty surprise in customs taxes. The difficulties of being a European crafter!

     Back to the point – I treated myself to something and one of the things I picked up was this absolutely adorable stamp set by Mama Elephant featuring cute bunnies and foxes.


     Isn’t it super cute? I also got the matching die set so I can cut out all the shapes to add to cards. This is my first time have a matching stamp and die set and I must say, it’s a great thing to have! The images are fairly small so they’d be tricky and annoying to cut out otherwise.

     Well, a new stamp set obviously meant I had to make some cards using it. In the past, making a card to congratulate someone on a new baby was tricky for me because I didn’t have many stamps that seemed suitable for a baby card. (The fact that I didn’t have any stamps or dies that even said ‘congratulations’ was also not very helpful).

     I played around with a few ideas of how to use this stamp set. One of them was to simply use all the stamps to make a pattern:


     I think it worked! I just laid all the stamps onto a block and stamped them down at once. Anywhere where it didn’t stamp too clearly, I went over with a black pen.

     Instead of doing complicated colouring for the images, because there were so many, I opted for one colour to match the card I used for the border on the front and inside (well, in the case of this yellow card, two shades of yellow copic markers).


      I also tried it in pink. This time I only used one marker. I coloured everything in once and when it had dried, I went over parts again to make them slightly darker. I just did this a few times to get it slightly darker so the images didn’t seem as flat. I actually prefer the yellow card (yellow is really growing on me – I’ve been using it a lot in cards lately), but a pink card is a useful one to have because I know some people like to use pink and blue depending on if it’s a girl or boy. I would have done a blue card but I wasn’t sure if my blue copic marker has enough ink left in it to get through a card.


     I did make a second pink one though. Actually, this was the first one I made. When I stamped the images, they didn’t all come out clearly so I tried to go over some of them again. Unfortunately, I didn’t line the stamp up right the second time so it messed up the image. I thought about throwing out the card but I managed to save it by stamping the images on a separate piece of paper, die cutting them out and sticking them with foam dots onto the card.

photo-new-family-member-cards-7     I didn’t want to colour the popped up images in pink because I thought it would look a little silly for them to be popped up but in the same colour and I couldn’t leave them uncovered so it instead I brought out my new Wink of Stella clear glitter brush pen to give them some shimmer. Now, the brush pen cost me about €7.50 – it is pricey but I don’t think I can go back to not having this craft item! I’d seen crafters use it on cards in videos but it doesn’t show up on camera very well because you only see the shimmer when the light hits it in certain ways. I was unsure about getting it at first but I figured I’d give it a go and I’m glad I did. The clear glitter one is just a fantastic way to adding a little something to a relatively simple and flat card. Actually, I liked how the shimmer came out so much that I went over all the stamped images with it on the card and also on the ones above.

     Still in card making mode and wanting to use the stamp set a bit more, I got the idea to make a button balloon card. Again, I worked with the pink and yellow colour scheme because I’d already added the border parts to the card bases.

photo-new-family-member-cards-5     The little bunny wearing a nappy had a paw slightly raised which looked like it could be holding a balloon so that’s the image I chose, along with the ‘welcome new baby’ sentiment from the stamp set. I coloured the nappy in and also added some shimmer pen to it (I was just in shimmer mode!). I also added a light grey shadow underneath the bunny with a copic marker. It’s not much but I definitely think it helps ground the image. My balloon strings and placement could be better but it’s still a cute card!

     I was in the process of making another card. I had stamped some images on the inside and coloured them in but I completely forgot that the copics would go through the card so the back of the card looked a mess! I liked how I’d coloured in the images though so I wanted to save it. I cut the inside of the card away and simple stuck it on the front of another card with a brown border.


     I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it then as the sentiments from the stamp set were all too small and would look silly on the front of the card surrounded by so much blank space. Looking through my stamp collection, I remembered I had this hello stamp which was just big enough to for the space. I stamped it in black ink and went over it with the Wink of Stella glitter pen and decided that was that! It’s a super simple, last-minute, try to rescue this card but I love how it came out and also it shows that this stamp set doesn’t have to be used for just baby related cards – I might make a set of notecards like this.

     So those are some of the cards I have been making and what I’ve been doing with the recent additions to craft hoard! If you’re interested in any of these cards, they’re up for sale in my Etsy shop IdleHourCrafts!

25 thoughts on “Card Making: New Baby Cards

    1. Took me so long to get the hang of stamping without smudging! One of my problems was I was using pigment ink. Switching to fast drying ink helped, though I still have a problem with shake hands xD


    2. Definitely check that you’re using dye ink! It’s the fast drying one. Pigment ink is slow drying and used for embossing so it’s really, really easy to smudge 🙂


    3. I just checked and I do have some that say “pigment stamp pad” on them! The others (as yet unopened) don’t say anything, but I just tried one and it worked so much better. THANK YOU!!

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Turns out the type of ink makes a huge difference when it comes to stamping – took me a while to figure it out too! If it doesn’t say what type of ink it is, chances are its a dye ink. Most of the cheap square ink pads you can get are dye inks. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! My preference for the yellow is a bit of a surprise for me, yellow has never been a beloved colour for me but it really has been growing on me lately 🙂


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