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March 2017 – Incoming Snail Mail

     Hey everyone, how’s it going?

     It’s the first Wednesday of the month so as always, it’s time to take a look at some of my incoming mail for the month!

      Where to start…how about with this first photo featuring Italy and Germany?

     I love this musical and travel themed envelope that came from my Italian pen pal – especially since the colours of the stamp match the envelope! (Regular readers of my snail mail posts are bound to have caught on by now to how I like to match the stamp to the envelope, be it colour wise or thematically!). She also sent me lots of lovely stickers too!

     The rainbow envelope came from Stephanie over in Germany, which wasn’t the only piece of lovely mail I got from Germany over the month!

     Stephanie was in Hamburg so she sent me a postcard and she also sent me some Easter mail! The package was fully decorated with images on the outside (like that elephant!) and inside, there were loads of chocolate and tea goodies! So much tasty chocolate – it didn’t last long, couldn’t help myself!

     As I mentioned postcards, here are some of the postcards I received via Postcrossing last month:

     The scenic view came from Russia and the stamp postcard came from Iceland. I love the postcard from Iceland! It arrived in an envelope so I was wondering what it was at first but opening it up, I can see why she put it in an envelope because look at all the used stamped she used to decorate the front of the postcard! Love the scenic Icelandic stamps.

     Oh, I have been taking part in a few Swap-bot swaps recently so I’ve had some incoming swaps to enjoy over the last month. I’ve especially been taking part in tea swaps. I got a lovely selection of teas from Chile – my first time getting mail from Chile!

     Oh yes, back to my pen pal mail for a moment – as always, I got some lovely mail from Keely over in America.

     I love the colour scheme going one (surprise, surprise)!

    Well, that’s all for my March incoming mail. Hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll have my outgoing mail from March up in next Wednesday’s post and as always, to finish it off, here’s the round-up of incoming stamps (which one is your favourite? I love the one from the Netherlands):


20 thoughts on “March 2017 – Incoming Snail Mail

    1. It is nice to get happy mail! I love the flower stamps too, often the flower stamps from any country are my favourite because they’re so colourful – they really brighten up an envelope!


    1. It is lovely getting mail from so many places! Swaps are great when you want the fun of sending and receiving mail but don’t have the time or money to commit to a regular penpal 🙂

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